Canon Astelion Advance 16

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Specifications for the Canon Astelion Advance 16

  • YOM: 2014
  • Slices: 16
  • Tube Model: CXB-400C
  • Tube YOM: 2014
  • Tube Count: 738646 as of 14/01/2024
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Canon Astelion Advance 16 – General Information

The Canon Astelion Advance 16 CT scanner combines outstanding cost performance with exceptional image quality. The designers created this compact, eco-friendly system to enhance patient care. Which is at the top of every doctor’s priority list.

Also, it minimizes your operational costs, which sets a new standard in medical imaging technology.

Additionally, the system’s image reconstruction technology ensures you will get optimal image clarity. All while maintaining minimal radiation doses. The Integrated AIDR 3D further reduces dose for every exam, which in turn enhances your patient safety.

Eco-friendliness is at the heart of the Canon Astelion Advance 16. With 92% recyclable parts and reduced energy consumption, it is a highly sustainable machine for your facility. The Astelion Advance 16 is compact in design. This allows for installation in small spaces, which eliminates your need for separate technical rooms and ensures quick setup.

The Canon Astelion Advance 16 has a user-friendly interface that guides you with intuitive graphics and animations. Smart features and Navi Mode streamlines your tasks, making the system perfect for both experienced users and beginners.

Canon’s Quantum Detector technology provides consistent high image quality across all clinical targets. The bone segmentation algorithm quickly removes bones from angiograms. This provides you with high-quality images for diagnosis within seconds.

Furthermore, the machine’s optimized system performance eliminates cooling times between exams. This allows you to perform more exams in less time.

Key Benefits of the Astelion Advance 16:

  • Eco-Friendly Performance: the Astelion Adavence 16 has 92% recyclable parts and reduced energy consumption.
  • Compact Design: because of its small footprint, it will be easy for you to do installation of this system in a small space.
  • Advanced Imaging Technology: you will quickly see that this machine offers superior image quality with iterative reconstruction and Quantum Detector.


The Canon Astelion Advance 16 offers you great image quality, eco-friendly design, and efficient workflows. Its advanced technologies makes it a valuable asset for you in any clinic or hospital. You will surely experience the quality of the system right away.

With this machine you will experience superior diagnostic results and enhanced patient safety. Mainly because of its many high technology features. The Canon Astelion Advance 16 is an excellent choice for your clinic or hospital.

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