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Philips Epiq CVx – General Information

The Philips Epiq CVx ultrasound provides the most recent technological advancements. These are based on the insights of imaging cardiologists and sonographers. The system is designed to accommodate the user, especially diagnostic and interventional cardiologists who work in adult and pediatric medicine. 

The Epiq CVx is used most widely for cardiac imaging. Therefore, its features are catered to heart anatomy. It uses a wide range of 2D and 3D transesophageal and transthoracic echo imaging. This makes for an excellent image quality. 

Philips manufactured the Epiq CVx with the goal of removing some of the work burden in the healthcare system. This it does with its many features which help reduce any strain the staff may experience.

TrueVue is one of the features that makes imaging and diagnostics more accurate. It provides photorealistic rendering of images. This is great for cardiac imaging because it makes it easy to locate defects, while it also increases depth perception. Epiq CVx uses a virtual light source that further adds to the ease of locating defects.

Additionally, the Epiq CVx has MultiVue, a live MPR alignment feature. This means that with one click you can align the live 3D volume and the MPR views. In turn, you get a more accurate image – and faster.

Dynamic HeartModel is a 3D tool that provides a reproducible ejection fraction (EF) in just seconds. This feature shows the contours of both the left ventricle and left atrium volumes, while it moves. With this system you can do quantification of patients with irregular heart rates. This is due to its ability to do multi-beat analysis.

Furthermore, AutoSTRAIN is a TOMTEC addition to the Epiq CVx. This application recognizes and labels the apical 4 chamber, 3 chamber, and 2 chamber view. At the same time it uses Automatic Contour Placement, which detects and places the left ventricle border.

Lastly, the Epiq CVx uses the S9-2 PureWave transducer. PureWave ensures high detail level and contrast resolution during scans. Especially at higher frequencies because of the ultra-wide bandwidth and single-crystal technologies. These produce impeccable tissue information, even in great depth. It also makes less noise. 

Overall, this is a very accurate high quality system for Cardiologists. 


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