Canon Infinix VF-i

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Specifications for the Canon Infinix VF-i

  • YOM: 2012
  • Software Version: 4.50 Rv003
  • Tube Model: DSRX-T7345G
  • Tube YOM: 2019
  • Single Plane / Biplane: Single Plane
  • Floor/celing mounted: Floor Mounted
  • Detector Size: 30x30cm
  • HW Accessories: 3 handswitch, 2 footswitch, 2 table control pads, 2 gantry controle pads.
  • Application: Cardio-Vascular
  • Options Installed: Spot Fluoroscopy Rotational DSA Rotational DA Stepping DSA DICOM Storage DICOM RIS QCA/LVA External signal display SNRF kit
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Canon Infinix VF-i

Canon Infinix VF-i – General Information

The Canon Infinix VF-i is a cardiovascular system designed to improve diagnostics and interventional procedures. It is a part of the Infinix-i series.

This floor-mounted single-plane machine ensures easy patient access. While also allowing you to do a comprehensive body examination, improving patient care with its advanced technology and design.

Unmatched Features for Superior Care

  • Unrivaled Patient Access: The Canon Infinix VF-i’s innovative multi-axis positioner allows you to seamlessly access your patient. This provides great reach from head to toe and across all extremities.
  • Clear Imaging: With a high-resolution 12″x16″ flat panel detector, you get perfect distortion-free visuals. This is crucial for the full spectrum of cardiovascular examinations.

Procedure Efficiency: This system ensures fast examination times without compromising patient comfort. Thus, it streamlines your workflow and minimizes time spent, setting a new standard for workflow efficiency.

Strategic Advantages for Modern Healthcare

  • Single-Room Solution: The Canon Infinix VF-i is a highly versatile system. It allows both diagnostic and interventional procedures in one place. This optimizes use and enhances clinical throughput.
  • Advanced Dose Management enables precise dose adjustment that you can control from the tableside to improve accuracy. This puts patient safety and care at the forefront.
  • Accommodating Design: With a leading-edge table you can examine all types of patients. It can support up to 484 pounds, which makes the machine strongly accommodating.

Innovative Tools for Precise Analyzing

  • Cutting-Edge Workstation: The Canon Infinix VF-i includes a CV-3D workstation. It also comes with a 3D coronary analysis package. These tools help with precise patient evaluations.

The Canon Infinix VF-i is not just a piece of equipment. It’s a leap forward in cardiovascular healthcare. It shows a commitment to excellence. Every feature is designed to enhance your ability to deliver superior patient care.

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