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GE OEC 7700 C-arm x-ray

GE OEC 7700 – General Information

The GE OEC 7700 is an excellent X-ray machine that is designed as a one-piece mobile fluoroscopic C-arm with monitor. Moreover, there is an optional dual monitor cart.

This system offers several features. In the first place, it serves on a “point and shoot” principle that has an automatic image adjustment and one-button programming for a simple examination. Secondly, it brings an outstanding image quality with high resolution CCD camera. It can examine many different areas such as chest imaging, orthopedic surgery, vascular, and gastro intestinal. Furthermore, the OEC 7700 has a patient specific image management software that can recall patients by name and search up to 36.000 images.

It is important to mention that the OEC 7700 has its own monitor and hardcopy printer. Therefore, it is not necessary to move extra components around.

Additionally, this high quality C-arm machine will be a good fit in clinics with limited space, as it is designed to be compact enough to move around. Plus, it is very simple and easy to use.

In conclusion, the OEC 7700 is a unique and cost effective medical system which delivers fast and efficient results.

If you would like to know more about the estimated price range of the GE OEC 7700 read our article about Mobile C-arm machine Price Guide to learn more.

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