Medical Imaging Spare Parts

LBN Medical offers a wide range of medical imaging spare parts. We offer parts for all the major brands, including Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, GE, and more. Furthermore, our large stock holds parts for all medical imaging modalities, such as ultrasound machine parts, MRI spare parts, CT scanner spare parts, and more.

You can always rely on us for fast delivery, we know that this is of importance to you.

We offer both new and high-quality used medical imaging parts. We have a large number of spare parts in our large facility in Aalborg, Denmark. If you have a request for a part not in stock, we also source on demand. Our experienced parts department has a large and reliable network.

You can see all members of our parts department here, and if you want more info on our spare parts sales, you can find it here.


Eva Mortensen

Spare Parts Manager

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Medical Imaging Spare Parts – Quick Overview

– LBN offers both new and used medical imaging spare parts

– Our medical spare parts department focuses purely on parts requests – sourcing and ordering

– Deadline for order and shipment of medical imaging parts same day is 1pm

– Deadline for orders from OEMs (1 day lead time to us) 1.30pm

– We also do exchange deals, usually we need defective parts returned to us within 2 weeks

– We can blind ship medical imaging parts directly to sites on your behalf


Our warehouse set-up prioritizes parts turnaround same day. Furthermore we have a skilled packaging team who ensures professional packaging for safe transport. We know that this is important to avoid transport damages.
Contact us and we will be happy to help you find the medical spare parts you need, regardless of whether it is ultrasound machine parts, CT scanner spare parts, MRI spare parts, ultrasound probes, or something else.
We look forward to hear from you!



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