At LBN Medical we can serve you with  parts for imaging equipment, including a range of machines, brands and modalities. In the video, our parts specialist, Eva Mortensen, answers some of the common questions from our buyers, such as:

  •  How fast can we have the part?
  • What information is needed, to get the correct part?
  • How do we ensure a fast and efficient delivery?

At LBN Medical we offer parts for imaging equipment such as MRI-Scanners, CT-Scanners, Mammography systems, Ultrasound systems, C-Arms, Bone Densitometers, RAD Rooms, and much more. Our primary focus is to deliver parts for machines from bigger brands like Toshiba, Siemens, GE, Philips, and Hitachi. We have a parts department focusing purely on part requests – sourcing, ordering & shipping. The deadline for order and shipment same day is 2PM, and the deadline for orders from OEM’s (lead 1 day to us) 2:30PM.

We also exchange deals, usually we need the defective parts returned to us within 2 weeks. We are able to blindship direct to sites on your behalf.

For ordering home the right part, we need the following information (as stated in the video)

– What system you require the part for
– What modality you need the part for
– An identification of the part number
– Any pictures of the parts and/or system

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our parts specialists.

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