In the market of used medical equipment, the terminology may not always be clear. Here we said “used”, but you might also see the terms: “pre-owned”, “refurbished”, and “OEM refurbished”. Some of the terms are used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing. To make things even more confusing, a term like refurbished, have different meanings depending on who you ask. Before we explain how to tell whether a system is used, refurbished, or OEM refurbished, we would like to stress that to us, “pre-owned” encompass all three terms. Therefore it does not give any information about the condition of the system.
LBN Medical can provide you with used, refurbished, and OEM refurbished medical equipment. These three product categories have been through three different processes in our warehouse.


Used Imaging Equipment

Used equipment is a very broad category. There is no real standard in this industry, so remember to ask specifically what has been done to the equipment. Some simply move the systems, and nothing will be done to them. They are usually sold “as is”, with the same options and configurations that the previous owner had.

At LBN we mostly sell used equipment, but we do a lot more than simply move the systems. All equipment is received at our warehouse in Aalborg, Denmark and then our professional staff gets to work. We have experienced technicians who, as a minimum, clean, disinfect, remove patient data, and do a full OEM functionality check of all systems. If there is a problem with the system, they will of course repair or replace the relevant parts. This also gives the customer the option to have some influence on the configurations of the system, as the technicians can change this, or add license keys, and more. Many in the industry will call this process refurbishment, but for us it is not – see reason below. Besides, we provide 7 days warranty on most systems, to allow customers to unpack and check the systems within warranty.


Refurbished Imaging Equipment

Refurbished or “seller refurbished” as some call it, is a phrase that is you will see very often, but many call it refurbished when it is actually used. Refurbished describe a system where a specific and systematic process has been applied. This can include both cosmetic aspects, like cleaning, painting, or replacement of covers, and functionality, like parts replacement, additional options, and much more. Because it is a systematic process all items on the list must be performed. This means that fully functional parts could be replaced, or painting applied when it was not actually necessary. However the list of things that need to be done is made by the companies themselves, and may vary. To be safe ask the seller what has been done, replaced, and checked on the unit, also to make sure that it is not used equipment.
Refurbished equipment gives the customer greater security, and increase the quality of the equipment, at a budget slightly above used.
At LBN we do offer refurbished systems. We change parts, paint, add options, and much more, but we often do it based on the customer’s specific budget and needs.


OEM Refurbished Imaging Equipment

OEM refurbishment is a complete and heavier ISO process. It must conform to the GRP – Good Refurbishment Practice, from COCIR (the European Trade Association representing the medical imaging, radiotherapy, health ICT, and electro-medical industries). That it is OEM means that It is controlled by the original manufacturer of the system. It is a detailed process, that starts with the selection of the systems. Only the best units with clean service records will be selected. Thereafter, these systems go through a complete set of industrial procedures. This includes software upgrade, replacement of most cosmetic parts, and more. OEM refurbished equipment is a good alternative to new. You will get the high quality at an attractive price, with manufacturer warranty.

LBN Medical have had ISO certification 13485 since 2009. Partnerships with various OEMs have been a great source of experience and best practice that we apply to all products.


This was our take on the different terms, we hope it has cleared out some confusion. It is important to us that our customers know what we stand for, and what they can expect from our products – whether it is used, refurbished, or OEM refurbished.


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