Siemens Somatom Sensation 64

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Siemens Somatom Sensation 64 – General Information

The Siemens Sensation 64 is a part of the popular Somatom CT line, that has a large install base worldwide. Siemens has been a large player in the CT market for many years now, and it shows. Thus, the Siemens Somatom Sensation 64 is a high quality CT scanner that offers a range of excellent technologies.

Siemens introduced the STRATON X-ray tube and z-sharp technology to remove the trade-off between speed, resolution, coverage, and low dose. Hereby, healthcare professionals can get optimal results, every time. The STRATON tube also offers very effective cooling of the tube, therefore, there will be no cooling delays, not even after demanding scans. The z-Sharp technology utilize two overlapping X-ray beams, and hereby the resolution is significantly increased. Furthermore, the Siemens Somatom Sensation 64 had the fastest 64-slice rotation time, at the time it came out.

Additionally, they ensured that the Siemens Somatom Sensation 64 can perform examinations with a low dose. This is due to their CARE Dose4D application, that adapts to each individual patient, which reduce the dose with up to 68%. Furthermore, they have developed tools that decrease doses in heart examinations, the sequential Step and Shoot, and Adaptive ECG Pulsing.

Naturally, the Siemens Sensation 64 also operates on the syngo application platform. Hereby, it is intuitive to operate, and it shares design with that of Siemens’ other modalities. This is a unique trait for Siemens, and the multi-modality interconnectivity is popular among their users.

All in all it is a solid CT scanner with good features, that can satisfy a wide range of needs.

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