Toshiba Aplio MX SSA-780A

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Toshiba Aplio MX SSa-780A ultrasound

Toshiba Aplio MX SSA-780A – General Information

The Aplio MX is a premium mid-sized cardiovascular ultrasound system. It completes advanced ultrasound exams, which are usually performed by larger and more expensive ultrasound systems. Despite the small size and more affordable prize, it delivers a premium performance in a portable platform.

When creating this system, Toshiba teamed up with sonographers and clinicians to optimize it for their needs. Therefore, the system is light, and ergonomically correct. Hereby reducing strain and repetitional movements of users. A smaller, lighter form provides better maneuverability around patients. Thanks to the unique combination of design and performance, the Aplio MX is an ideal system for increasing throughput while improving the patient care.

With the Toshiba Aplio MX, you will experience a unique level of visualisation. Its imaging technologies improve quality of images significantly. The Differential Tissue Harmonic Imaging technology improves spatial resolution while decreasing artefacts. Moreover, it provides images of unsurpassed resolution and contrast, alongside increased penetration. At the same time, it delivers great results while examining large or technically difficult patients.

Another technology on the Toshiba Aplio MX is Precision Imaging. This multi-resolution signal processing technology analyses ultrasound images line by line to increase the amount of information acquired. It delivers excellent smooth images with reduced noise and increased contrast and significantly sharpened outlines of lesions. Apart from acquiring ultrasound images with unprecedented clarity and resolution, it also reveals more clinical details.

Furthermore, Toshiba created a next generation Intelligent Component Architecture (ICA). It gives you the possibility to run multiple technologies at the same time without any drop in the system performance. The Aplio MX has been designed to embrace open network standards to make it easy to integrate into a variety of network environments.

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