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Philips BV Libra

Philips BV Libra – General Information

The Philips BV Libra C-Arm was designed to empower healthcare professionals with unmatched precision, flexibility, and real-time visualization.

By revolutionizing the way medical procedures are conducted, this c-arm is allowing for better patient outcomes and improved clinical decision-making.

At the heart of the Philips BV Libra C-Arm lies its advanced imaging technology, providing crystal-clear, high-resolution images for even the most complex procedures. With its unique image processing algorithms and high-quality detectors, healthcare professionals can confidently visualize anatomical structures and make critical decisions with precision.

Engineered to offer unrivaled flexibility, BV Libra makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of medical applications. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability within any clinical setting, ensuring seamless integration and saving valuable time during critical procedures.

Equipped with dynamic 2D and 3D imaging capabilities, the Philips BV Libra C-Arm enables real-time visualization of anatomical structures from multiple angles. This feature allows for enhanced surgical planning and improved post-procedure evaluation. 

Its fluoroscopy and DSA functionalities are enabling real-time imaging of dynamic processes such as blood flow. Fluoroscopy aids in guiding catheters, needles, and other medical devices during interventional procedures, enhancing procedural accuracy and minimizing potential risks. DSA, on the other hand, allows for detailed vascular imaging with enhanced contrast, assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of various cardiovascular conditions.

With patient safety in mind, the Philips BV Libra uses DoseWise technology. This radiation management solution optimizes image quality while reducing radiation exposure to patients and medical staff. With DoseWise, healthcare professionals can perform procedures confidently, knowing that they are utilizing a system designed with their safety in mind.

Embracing the Philips BV Libra means embracing a future of advanced medical imaging, enhanced procedural accuracy, and improved patient outcomes.

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