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Stephanix Movix 4.0 mobile x-ray

Stephanix Movix 4.0 Mobile – General Information

The Stephanix Movix 4.0 is an essential mobile x-ray for all radiographic examinations. It is used in the intensive care unit, emergency rooms, operating rooms. As well as for outdoor procedures thanks to its options of large wheels. This machine is a lightweight portable Flat Panel Detector (FPD) that provides high quality image. Also, This machine is very easy to move, use, and store.

Moreover, this x-ray system is equipped with a 4.0 kilowatts and can take outstanding chest and abdominal images, and all bone diagnosis with no preparation beforehand.

Furthermore, this machine provides various optimum flexibility options such as multipurpose solution and wireless solution. It is important to mention that the Movix 4.0 offers several advanced communication features. Those are for example USB devices, CD/DVD Burner, Ethernet cable, and Wifi. They help to reduce the required time for sharing clinical information. With such great features, the Movix 4.0 is very popular amongst clinicians.

In conclusion, the Stephanix Movix 4.0 Mobile is an amazing mobile x-ray and it is a necessity in a hospital environment. In addition, it is a simple machine that every operator can easily handle without any problems. Finally, this system is a very budget friendly x-ray for great imaging quality.

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