GE Innova 2100

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Specifications for the GE Innova 2100

  • YOM: 2008
  • Software Version: Unity 4.19.14, ATL 4.2-8_8
  • Tube Model: Performix 160A
  • Tube YOM: 2018
  • Single Plane / Biplane: Single Plane
  • Floor/celing mounted: Floor Mounted
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GE Innova 2100 IQ cathlab

GE Innova 2100 – General Information

The GE Innova 2100 IQ is an excellent digital cath/angio imaging system that helps diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. It is designed to be easy-to-use, but reliable, with an exceptional performance. In addition, it allows clinicians to simply reach different patients’ positions as it is needed during examinations.

The measurement of the Innova 2100 IQ is 20-cm-square. Additionally, the machine has a one-piece flat panel digital detector. Moreover, this system consistently provides an outstanding and advanced image quality while supporting physicians to perform diagnostic and interventional angiography procedures.

It is important to mention that the Innova 2100 IQ has an innovative dose efficiency management that reduces dose exposure to both patients and staff.

Furthermore, it has many features and options available. Some of the great features are table-side control boxes and control cabinets; or external chillers that provide continuous water cooling. Another example is the ceiling- and floor-mounted radiation protection.

In conclusion, this great X-ray machine is unique and a cost effective medical system that delivers exceptional results.

To learn more about the GE Innova 2100 IQ, its availability and price range, please contact us. We are always happy to discuss your options or requests, and answer your questions regarding this or any other medical imaging equipment.

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