GE Optima 660 and GE Discovery 750 – Comparison

This article has been updated 22-02-2024

A long time has passed since GE Healthcare manufactured their first CT scanner. Over the years, GE introduced a wide range of CT lines such as Discovery, Optima, Lightspeed, and Brightspeed.

In this article, we would like to present and compare the two popular models – Discovery CT750 HD and Optima 660.

Both are good quality CT scanners with solid capabilities.

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What the Optima 660 and Discovery 750 have in Common?

  • They both have a compact footprint combined with a modular design.
  • Available as 64- and 128-slice. However, you can find the Optima 660 as a 32-slice, scalable to a 128-slice CT.
  • Produce high resolution, low dose imaging.
  • Same rotation speed of 0.35s and significant capabilities in acquiring the scanned image.

What sets the Optima 660 and Discovery CT750 HD apart?

The Optima 660 has been on the market since 2011, but the Discovery CT750 HD, launched in 2008, is no longer manufactured.

Nevertheless, it is available on the market for pre-owned imaging equipment.

The Optima 660 can also offer low-dose imaging by using ASiR reconstruction technology. This technology provides significant benefits for imaging.

For example, it reduces mA when obtaining diagnostic images, and thereby decreases the required X-ray dose. Thanks to ASiR, the X-ray tube lasts longer because there is less heat going through the CT scanner.

Their X-ray tubes have oil/air cooling, but the Discovery’s tube has higher heat storage and dissipation rate. As the Discovery has a higher MHU (Mega Hit Unit), the system can take more patients throughout the day. That is, without stops for the tube to cool down.

The Optima 660 is one of the most energy efficient CT scanners. This is partly because of its “environmental design” that makes refurbishment and end-of-life recycling easier.

Expected price range for the Optima 660 and Discovery 750

Buying used is significantly different than buying new.
There is a lot to save.

But, what is the price of the GE Optima 660?

It depends on the year of manufacture (YOM), tube count, and whether it is a 64-slice or a 128-slice machine. But, you can expect to see the price range for the Optima 660 CT to be between 110.000-160.000 Euros.

For the GE Discovery 750, you can expect the range to be anywhere from 70.000-110.000 Euros. So the Discovery 750 is a slightly cheaper system than the Optima 660.

Again, the price depends on factors such as YOM, tube count, and whether you choose a 64 or 128 slice machine.

Earlier, we mentioned that you can get a 32 slice Optima 660 that is scalable to a 128 slice. Of course, the price of the 32-slice is lower than the 128 slice Optima.

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Sum Up – GE Optima 660 vs GE Discovery 750

So, what is the difference between the GE Optima 660 and the GE Discovery 750?

Both CT scanners are excellent systems that can perform a range of examinations.

As the Optima 660 can perform a wider range of exams, it is a perfect choice for any emergency room. Whereas, the Discovery 750 is a more specialized low-dose cardiac CTA system.

When it comes to the value and the market price of these systems, there is a slight difference. The Optima 660 goes for around 110-160.000 Euros, and the Discovery 750 lies at about 70-110.000 Euros.

You can purchase a high-quality CT scanner for a much lower price than before, and that will pay off.

The Optima CT660 and Discovery CT750 HD are suitable for most hospitals. However, they are most effective in large hospitals with high patient volumes.