Seeking knowledge beyond the unknown was always the force behind the world biggest discoveries. Medical inventions are no exception, especially when talking about crucial and extraordinary inventions such as MRI scanning.

The benefits of MRI scanning convenes beyond the need for single diagnosis or finding the problem when it occurs, as you can use the features and benefits of MRI in treatment and prevention.

In 1884, a young man traveled to New York holding a letter written by the great inventor Charles Batchelor. Batchelor wrote to his business partner and friend, the man himself Thomas Edison. “I know two great men, one is you and the other one is this young man.” That young man was Nikola Tesla.

Two years prior to that, from his home in Budapest, Tesla discovered the rotation of the magnetic field. Tesla went on a mission, a journey to explore and discover, seeking the dynamics behind this breakthrough. His discovery laid the foundation that led to the phenomena of Magnetic resonance discovery by Felix Bloch and Edward Purcell. It set the pace for Raymond Damadians MRI patents and inventions, it was the start of many great things.

Because the world of MRI technology is very special, we at LBN Medical take it very seriously. We receive an abundance of inquiries regarding MRI systems. Each of which represents different needs and demands. We seek to understand in depth your demands and what you are looking for. In fact, the more we know about your needs the faster and easier we can advise and assist you.

MRI systems are not all equal across the spectrum. You might base your initial request on a recommendation of a friend, specialist, or maybe google search.

However, is that enough to make a judgment call on such a big project? Does it really help you find exactly what you are looking for?

Simply, the answer is no.

Understanding what you get in comparison to the money you invest, and the cycle by which that investment will be returned is a very important aspect. More importantly, understanding the features and benefits of MRI systems – What can they offer and how they differentiate from one another.

So, let’s take you through this quick insight. We hope it will help you establish a better idea of what is available in the world of MRI and give you a thorough knowledge of some of the features and benefits of MRI.


Benefits of MRI, Features, and Advantages:

Toshiba Vantage Titan MRIType of scan and applications:

Features such as whole body scan might exist in brand new MRI systems at all big manufacturers. However, in the second-hand market, you can find this feature mostly in Siemens and Toshiba systems.

Make a checklist, weigh the pros and cons of all the applications you are looking for and see which fits better with what you need.


Large Bores

Larger bores give you more freedom in the scanning room and it provides you with high Field of View (FOV). This is available in Siemens and Toshiba systems – with 71cm Vantage Titan 1.5T, Toshiba boasts of the largest bore available in the market for used MRIs.

Helium Zero Boil-Off

Zero boil-off helium based systems are a great invention, they reduce your need to re-fill helium into your system to every 5 years. Helium zero boil-off is not always your best bet, even though in concept it sounds very good. The cost of such systems is considerably high compared to how much you pay for helium. It will take many years to close that deficit.

However, when this is a priority for you, then this is what you should know: GE is leading the pack when it comes to this feature as they have been providing zero boil-off systems since 2002. Siemens has a lot to offer as well while Toshiba and Philips lagged behind as they have been focusing more on Gradient and Image quality. Therefore, it is harder to find their Zero boil-off MRIs on the secondary market. And at the end, it all depends on what is the best for your budget and needs.

Image Quality

The gradient strength and capability reflect directly on the Image quality. Toshiba and Philips have the best to offer in the second-hand market, with a good focus on the image quality in cardiac applications.


The comfort features in newly manufactured systems are not to be compromised. In the secondhand market, Toshiba has some interesting features and offerings. The 71cm large bore and the ultra-short magnet allows the majority of the tests to be performed with feet first. The gantry design lower patient’s anxiety. And they went further than that with their Pianissimo hardware solution that reduces acoustic noise in each scan.

Non-Contrast Scanning

If you are buying a new system, it is likely to have a non-contrast sequence in different models and brands. What about the pre-owned medical equipment market and used systems? Non-contrast angiography exams are well established in Siemens as well as in Toshiba MRIs. 

The Conclusion

What is the perfect answer to all your needs?

We start by defining and understanding exactly what you are looking for, to provide the solution that meets your ultimate requirements. It is important to understand your core needs and then match them with the best compatible and affordable solution. Our in-house experts are longing to answer your questions. We will help you build confidence in your choice to define how your MR department will look and how much it will cost.

Stay tuned for our next blog post. We will compare GE, Toshiba, Siemens, and Philips MRIs and how they fair in the market for used MRI systems. Until then, you can read our blog post where we define what the terms used, refurbished, or OEM Refurbished mean to us, so you know exactly what we talk about when we mention any of these terms.

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