Siemens Magnetom Essenza DOT Upgrade 1.5T

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Siemens Magnetom Essenza 1,5 T

Siemens Magnetom Essenza 1.5T – General Information

The Magnetom Essenza is an excellent MRI scanner from Siemens that is designed in combination of a high system performance and a patient-friendly form with a low total ownership costs. This 1.5 tesla system comes with many clinical values, such as ultra-short bore-length of 145 cm and ultra-lightweight of approximately 3.5 tons. The Magnetom Essenza is meant for many different examination types, including neuro, angio, cardiac, body, onco, breast, ortho, and pediatric. However it is commonly known that MR scanning has not been settled as secure for examining fetuses and infants under the age of two. Therefore, the responsible doctor or medical specialist must assess the benefits of the MRI diagnosis compared to other imaging procedures.

The Siemens Magnetom Essenza is one of the first systems with a powerful innovation and it is built with Total Imaging Matrix (TIM) and an IsoCenter Matrix coil. The Tim integration enables extension of the application range from head to toe. Also, the patients appreciate faster examinations powered by Tim and more comfortable exams thanks to ultra-lightweight coils. Furthermore, the Magnetom Essenza makes more head out exams possible to help increase patient satisfaction and cooperation. It makes fast yet comfortable exams.

Moreover, this MRI system has a state-of-art zero helium boil-off magnet and a certainly powerful V-engine gradient of 30mT/m.

Finally, the Magnetom Essenza 1.5T is a sound investment that will help to bring the quality up and the costs down with low initial investment, low installation cost, and low operating cost. This imaging machine is well known for its outstanding accuracy, flexibility, speed, and affordability.

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