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GE Voluson P8 – General Information

The GE Voluson P8 brings you excellent image quality, a user-friendly workforce,  and streamlined workflow in a sleek design ultrasound system. It is recommended for growing practices with high turnover of patients. 

This system delivers confident and effective patient care across a wide range of applications including gynecology, labor and delivery,  obstetrics, and assisted reproductive medicine. Affordability, high performance, and exceptional reliability make this ultrasound system a cost-effective option to own a GE Voluson. 

The Voluson P8 is a small, lightweight system that comes with a 17-inch monitor, a bar code scanner, and battery operation. It is able to quickly wake from sleep mode to support your busy professional life.  The base architecture of this ultrasound machine was designed to carry exceptional system performance that enables future enhancements. Its automated functions allow you in your busy practice to maintain high-quality imaging while reducing the time needed to conduct, analyze, and report on exams.

GE’s unique automatomation technologies are featured in the Voluson P8.  Auto Optimization for Doppler and 2D helps to build up contrast resolutions by pressing a button.

Additionally, SonoRenderStart, SonoL&D, SonoNT/IT, SonoAVCfollicle, and SonoBiometry applications improve the scanning and diagnosis efficiency by reducing the number of keystrokes needed.

One of the primary features is the 3D HDlive which sets the GE Voluson P8 apart from many of the other ultrasound systems.  This system comes with a high-resolution 3D imaging technology, which is not only advanced but also cost-efficient, with added value for physicians and patients.

Exceptional image quality begins with advanced probe technology. With collaboration and feedback from sonographers and healthcare professionals,  the GE Voluson probes have emerged to help meet your needs and include innovations and advanced technology. These innovations include 4C-RS Probe for abdominal, RAB2-6-RS Probe for gynecological, RIC5-9-RS Probe for the first trimester and gynecological exams, and  IC9-RS Transvaginal Probe for gynecological and fetal imaging

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us or read about the different GE ultrasound machines.

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