Ziehm 8000

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Ziehm 8000

Ziehm 8000 – General Information

The Ziehm 8000 mobile C-arm is a reliable mobile imaging technology with a high-resolution 24’’ flat-screen monitor cart. The particular mobility of this C-arm and the monitor cart allows health care professionals to easily maneuver the equipment. They have the possibility to counterbalance it in any position. 

The Ziehm 8000 is ideal for orthopedics, pain management, traumatology, urology, and general surgery.

This C-arm has many features that are worth mentioning. All small details of the Ziehm 8000 reflect the comprehensive understanding of the daily routines of healthcare professionals and the challenges of the clinical environment.

The 24’’ flat screen provides excellent image quality that is displayed in superior details in 1k x 1k resolution. The mobile C-arm has different advantages, such as edge enhancement, step windowing, and zooming due to its post-processing functions. Furthermore, the advanced ‘Metal’ and ‘Soft’ programs prevent image flaring. 


This mobile C-arm is known for intuitive operations, which make the healthcare professionals’ workflow more convenient. The high level of automation allows surgeons and other medical professionals to fully concentrate on the procedure.

The self-explaining, user-friendly interface provides easy image capturing and patient data management. Additionally, the programmable function (‘F’) key for crosshair overlay and filter removal. It also comes with color-coded scales and handles, which make it easy to differentiate between movements. 

The Ziehm 8000 has a small environmental footprint. It has a lightweight monitor cart, and it is able to perfectly counterbalance every moment in every possible position. All in all, the whole examination procedure can be controlled from the mobile stand. Furthermore, it is equipped with a steering braking lever for perfect maneuverability and parallel movement.

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