Our Responsibility

A New Perspective

With the increasing social and environmental issues in the contemporary world, we want to take on our share of responsibility. In order to do so, we are taking small steps towards becoming a healthier and more sustainable workplace. Therefore, we sought inspiration from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Although the steps are small, we believe that by changing our way of thinking and beginning to implement more sustainable approaches into our business operation, we are on the right path.

Our Responsibility

A Step In A Greener Direction

We are proud of being in the business of circular economy, however, we know that we can do more and we want to be better.

Simultaneously with the increasing climate changes, we have started to focus on our environmental impact, and how we can take steps towards becoming more sustainable. Therefore, we have initiated our green conversion.

Our focus on reusable material in our warehouse has increased. As a result, we are trying out different alternatives in regard to packaging. For instance, we are using a cardboard shredder in order to recycle cardboard and thereby minimising the use of new packaging material.

Furthermore, we are donating our excess wood from the warehouse to a local business partner who shares a common belief, namely that material and people deserve a second chance. This is another attempt to extend the lifespan of material used in our warehouse. These attempts align with SDG 12 being responsible and sustainable production.   Additionally, by planting vegetation structures around the office, we want to help increase biodiversity in the small way that we can.

We Focus On Health

In our field of work, health is the main topic. We want to contribute to this, not only by providing medical imaging equipment but also by offering our employees a healthy work environment and the opportunity to focus on their health. We are doing this in multiple ways.

Inspired by SDG 3 which concentrates on ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing, we are currently focusing on health initiatives for our employees such as different active social events. We enjoy doing different active and competitive activities such as padel tennis and company football tournaments in which we get to move our bodies and satisfy our competitional needs.

We also participate in the DHL run every year to make sure that we stay on top of our game. As we highly prioritise the health of our employees, we also offer optional health check-ups, and we do several health days every year. Doing different activities outside of work makes us a better team and strengthens relations across departments. We believe that healthy employees equal a healthy company.  

Our Responsibility

Helping Out Where We Can

We have always seen the importance of helping others. Therefore, we sponsor several NGOs and good initiatives that help people in different ways. For instance, we support the Danish Red Cross in general and their specific projects All Our Children and #SygtUng which both support children and young adults through difficult situations.

Furthermore, we want to contribute to the local community, and what better way to do that than sponsoring a local health initiative. For several years we have now sponsored the Blokhus Marathon and are happy to do so as it aligns with our belief that health should be a priority.

Our Ambitions

In order to ensure that we keep taking steps in the right direction, we are planning to implement more sustainable initiatives in the future. Thus, we are implementing this more sustainable way of thinking into our future strategy and goals.

Some of the initiatives we are planning towards are sustainable alternatives for material used for packaging in the warehouse to decrease our carbon footprint. Furthermore, we are planning to implement waste sorting to increase the amount of recycled material as much as we can.

We have a clear three-year strategy to become more sustainable one step at a time, and we hope that these small steps towards being a more sustainable and socially responsible company will someday become impactful in the bigger picture. We definitely believe that it all adds up in the end.

LBN Medical facility

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