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LBN Medical offers a wide range of pre-owned and refurbished medical equipment. We have both OEM refurbished products, and our own line of refurbished Siemens ultrasound systems. Besides, we have a large selection of pre-owned medical equipment, see all products.

Our OEM Refurbished products encompass both CT scanners from Toshiba and ultrasound systems from GE, due to our partnerships with these OEMs.

We are ISO13485 certified for our line of refurbished Siemens ultrasounds. The ISO13485 certified by Bureau Veritas is focused on medical device and service quality management and reassures customers that the medical devices offered are safe and effective by all means and that our offered equipment has constant high quality standard with professional services. Customers can be assured that:

  •  Product-to-market regulatory requirements for the medical device markets are followed appropriately
  • High quality risk management practices and manufacturing practices throughout the medical device supply chain and within the medical device product life cycle are present
  • Proper regulatory requirements are implemented within LBN Medical’s organizational processes

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We have in-house technicians who test incoming systems and make sure everything is in order. However, the refurbished products have been through a more thorough and comprehensive process that may update software and hardware and may include a cosmetic refurbishment, where all covers are repainted.

Therefore, the refurbished medical equipment often resembles brand new systems. Furthermore, refurbished systems sometimes come with a renewed warranty. Our refurbished Siemens product line for instance, comes with 1-year warranty on both parts and probes.

Is Refurbished Medical Equipment for You?

Due to the above, refurbished medical equipment is a great alternative to new, as you will get the good-quality products, but in a more budget-friendly version. This will allow you to get more specialized and advanced systems, than if you were to buy new products.
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Or, if you want to be sure about the different terms within used medical equipment, read the blog post: Used, Refurbished or OEM Refurbished. It will offer you some insight on how we define the three terms.


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