Explanation of Warranty Terms

At LBN Medical we operate with different terms explaining the condition of our equipment and the included warranty. To ensure good communication and understanding we have listed them below and of course you can always ask us if you have any doubts or would like an elaboration.

Remember that the warranty for a specific deal must be agreed upon with your contact person and reflected in your contract.

Working warranty ex. warehouse: This means that we have thoroughly tested the system at our ISO certified facility and that we guarantee that the system is working when it departs from us. However, there is no further warranty. This is standard for our products.

Naturally, you are welcome to come and inspect the system.

Parts warranty: If a system should stop working, we will provide you with the needed replacement part, that can be either used or new. We typically need the broken part in exchange for a working one. Parts warranty can be provided from 7 days and up to several months. Even a full year on certain products.

Probe warranty: We often offer warranty on our probes, meaning that you will get an exchange probe in the unlikely event that it should stop working within the warranty period.

First scan warranty: Can be provided for certain products, but only when LBN Medical is responsible for the delivery and installation.

Pro rata tube warranty: We offer 12 months or 100.000 or 300.000 slices (depending on the tube model), pro rata (whichever comes first) warranty on tubes. Pro rata means that the value of the warranty covered item is decreasing over time as per use of the item.

As is: In special cases we might sell products as is. If we assist you in sourcing a needed product in the market, we take only a service fee. This applies for systems shipped from the site of purchase directly to the buyer. This means that we cannot offer our regular services, which includes inspection and testing. Therefore, systems traded under these conditions are sold “as is” where we only offer information from documentation and pictures.

Please ask if you have further questions. We look forward to do business with you.

You can also read about common incoterms in the medical device industry, if you want more information before your next purchase.