OrthOne ONI 1.0T

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OrthOne Oni 1.0T MRI scanner for extremities

OrthOne ONI 1.0T – General Information

The ONI 1.0T is a unique MRI machine from OrthOne. It is a special system with a design that is specifically for orthopedic applications with high quality imaging. This scanner has many processes and custom designed mechanisms that cannot be found in other MRI machines.

It is noteworthy, that while there are many extremity systems in the market, this is the the first legitimately open high-field MRI for extremity imaging.

The ONI OrthOne Oni 1.0T system components are divided into three essential functional groups. First of all, an electronics cabinet component, which includes spectrometer components. Secondly, a superconducting magnet that comes with enclosures, laser light, gradient and RF coils, RF transmit/receive apparatus, service turret, cryocooler system, and a patient handling system. All of these are located in an exam room to protect from the noise sources and the integration of the magnetic resonance signal from radio frequency noise, which can come from other components. Finally, an operator console, where the components are accessible to the operator.

Overall, it is a very good system that is uniquely different from other MRI systems due to its size and the options it offers.

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