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GE HDXT Echospeed – General Information

The HDXT Echospeed is a great MRI scanner from GE. It increases the diagnostic confidence for even the most difficult of patients. Plus, it delivers a new level of clinical performance, with very quick and accurate outcomes across all examinations. Moreover, this MRI machine provides well-advanced technology, such as a 1.5T magnet delivering a full 48cm field of view.

Also, the GE HDXT Echospeed brings outstanding results across all applications, including advanced, data-intensive and highly accelerated techniques. Additionally, this GE MRI system offers 16-channels, as well as the HD gradients created for high-fidelity to make high precision waveforms. Hence, this machine empowers by overcoming fat sat failures, artifact reduction, and tissue characterization.

Lastly, it is definitely noteworthy that the HDXT MRI scanner is a high-end MR system, but it is still possible to get it from the pre-owned and refurbished medical equipment market.

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