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Philips Intera Achieva MRI scanner

Philips Intera Achieva – General Information

The Philips Intera Achieva is a whole body MRI scanner from Philips. It has a superconducting magnet and an electromagnetic field strength of 1.5 T. Moreover, this system provides great image quality, patient comfort, and the extent of clinical applications needed to perform a wide range of examinations. It is noteworthy, this system comes as a 4- to 8-channel MRI and has a Pulsar gradient. Additionally, the Intera Achieva is an upgrade version from Philips Intera model where the magnet is newer. Therefore, in the advanced version there is different coils and other electronics.

Furthermore, the Philips Intera Achieva is the first MRI with IQ and Smart Exam, which is a big step forward to simplify MRI examinations. Thus, the Intera 1.5 T can identify anatomical landmarks, and it learns and memorizes the operator intent. Also, when the set-up is finalized, it goes through the entire process of the clinical examination automatically, for every single patient. That includes planning, scanning, and processing.

Additionally, the Philips Intera 1.5T is designed to save money and time from day one. It is a pleasure to work with for any healthcare provider due to the features specifically tailored to the clinical needs.

In conclusion, this Philips MRI machine is fast and very easy to use. Hence, the patients need to spend less time in the MRI scanner.

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