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Esaote E-Scan MRI scanner

Esaote E-Scan – General Information

The Esaote E-scan is an MRI which provides high throughput, outstanding image quality, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and patient comfort. Moreover, the system eliminates the need for expensive whole-body systems to perform limb and joint studies. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for practices with a high workload of musculoskeletal applications.

It offers a complete range of acquisition techniques, such as Turbo Spin Echo, STIR, and 3D CE, which is sensitive for cartilage visualization. The E-scan user interface is fully able to multitask and provides state-of-art image post processing capabilities such as a real time multi-planar reformatting.

The main feature of this MRI system is its optimized performance at a cost-effective value. Thanks to its easy sitting, minimal operating costs and limited initial investment. The E-scan has a maintenance-free permanent magnet. Hence, it does not require any cryogenics or additional cooling systems and power consumption is very low (1 Kw) which ensures low operating costs.

Furthermore, it is easy to learn and use. The E-Scan user interface is based on Windows® and enables intuitive workflow management. The imaging sequences are pre-programmed and within a few days of training, the technician can successfully use the system.

The positioning of your patients is going to be very fast because of using real-time positioning that continuously visualizes the joint location (MRI fluoroscopy). Next, the system performs a localizer scan in the three orthogonal directions.

Moreover, Esaote optimized the design of the E-scan in order to reduce anxiety and eliminate all the claustrophobic effects often experienced in conventional, whole body MRI scanners.

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