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Esaote C-Scan – General Information

The Esaote C-Scan that is also known as the Artoscan-C, is the successor of the Artoscan line. It includes several improvements of the previous generation such as a new computer platform.

This machine is a 0.2 Tesla permanent magnet with a spherical field of view of 120 mm (4.7 inches). Furthermore, the Esaote C-Scan machines are reliable and the user software is relatively straightforward. And also, it is easy to connect and integrate (Fully DICOM).

As the system belongs among the low-field MRI machines, it has a low-field strength and the test times are longer.

In most cases, it can be located (but not always) without the use of external shading room and requires about 120 square feet. The Esaote C-Scan weighs almost 2,000 pounds. But it has a low power consumption, it only needs a standard 110 volt outlet for power and demands temperature control in the magnet room 24/7. Even though it does not put off any significant heat.

What about its image quality?

It is surprisingly good.

The Esaote C-Scan includes image enhancement software in the device (which is turned on by default) that improves the apparent signal/noise of the images.

This MRI system has been optimized for orthopedic use and imaging of the extremities. Hence, it is great for scanning the tissues of the extremities. Moreover, the surface coils you can use with this system are linear and dual phased array, knee, ankle, and wrist coils.

Lastly, it will provide your patients with comfort and prevent them from claustrophobic feelings as it is an open MRI. The Esaote C-Scan is one of the most cost-effective MRI systems as both its maintenance and running costs are low.

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