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Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography

Specifications for the Hologic Selenia Digital currently in stock

YOM: 2010


  • Model: M-113T
  • YOM: 2016

Detector YOM: 2015

Accessories: 4 compression paddles, 1 mag. table, flat field phantom, foot switch, and barcode reader

Hologic Selenia

Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography

The Hologic Selenia is a popular mammography system that  is one of the leaders in digital mammography. Additionally, it is a mammo system that saves time for healthcare professionals around the world, due to efficient workflows.

The Selenia Digital is able to detect breast cancer early. Therefore, it makes the process of fighting against the cancer much easier for clinicians and their patients. Moreover, this system provides a better detection through better imaging. It is noteworthy, that the Selenia uses a direct conversion detector, which can eliminate the need to convert x-rays to light. The exceptional outcome of this is an amazingly sharp digital image and greater contrast with better consistency. Besides, the Selenia also offers a single detector solution with the 24×29 cm field of view. Generally, it allows for imaging of a wider range of patients without any requirements to additional exposures.

Furthermore, with Hologic’s High Transmission Cellular Grid technology, this mammography machine can deliver higher contrast images. Particularly, thanks to a significant radiation scatter reduction with no increase in patient dose.

In conclusion, the digital mammography is not only about an adoption of a new technology. In brief, it creates a future of numerous potential, such as a brighter and healthier future for women. Finally, with the Selenia, everything will be a lot easier, faster, and much more efficient.

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