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Fuji Capsula XL II

Specifications for the Fuji Capsula XL ll currently in stock:

YOM: 2010


Fuji Capsula XL ll CR system

Fuji Capsula XL II – General Information

The Capsula XL II is a high-quality CR system with great processing power and a small footprint. It comes with state of the art features, and enables an extremely high throughput. This is impressive, considering its size, and the fact that it is a CR system with only a single slot for plates. It has the optional capability of 50-micron reading with high resolution imaging plates (HR-V and HR-VI). HR-VI provides even better image quality compared to the HR-V.

A key component is the Imaging Plate, or IP that is used in place of x-ray film to digitalize images. The Capsula XL II has an extremely compact IP, hereby allowing the it to be a very compact system. Actually, Fuji named named it for its size, as Capsula means “small box” in Latin. However, it is only size, and not image quality and processing power that has been reduced. It covers a wide range of diagnostic imaging needs, and processes up to 90 IPs/hr. Furthermore, the time to display images on the CR console monitor is only 23 seconds.

Designed for ease of use the Fuji Capsula XL II is capable of automatically starting the IP reading and image processing when a cassette is inserted. Moreover, you can complete the reading cycle with simple operations. Furthermore, healthcare professionals can easily change the settings with easily accessed buttons on the monitor screen. Hereby, the clinicians can be even more effective in their everyday practice.

The console of the Fuji Capsula XL II handles complex procedures of digital x-ray imaging, patient ID, reviewing, processing, printing, DICOM interface, and more. Furthermore, it provides quality assurance functions as well – all in a single workstation.

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