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Specifications for the Fuji Amulet currently in stock:

YOM: 2012

Tube YOM: 2011

Fuji Amulet LBN Medical

Fuji Amulet – General Information

The Fuji Amulet is a digital mammography system which produces top quality images, offers maximum examination comfort and optimizes workflow. It uses the mammography image processing technology from proven FCR systems. Hence, the quality images the system provides enhance visualization of the mammary tissue and greater detail of abnormal areas.

The system uses a direct conversion X-ray sensor with outstanding conversion efficiency. The panel comprises of a dual layer of a-Se, incorporating Fujifilm’s patented Direct Optical Switching technology, instead of thin film transistors (TFTs). Therefore, it can directly and more efficiently read the signal. This technology delivers lower images noise and allows a pixel size of just 50µm to be achieved as well as allowing shorter inter-exposure times (15 seconds). It is world’s smallest pixel pitch and the first in a Direct-conversion FPD system.

Fuji designed the system to be easy to use for radiographers and at the same time comfortable for the patients. The ergonomically shaped arm rests and foam chest wall/axilla pads provide a well-balanced and gentle support. Moreover, the single touch function automatically places the Fuji Amulet into a specific angle for faster examinations.

The Fuji Amulet’s Acquisition Workstation improves the workflow. It has an integrated X-ray controller which allows setting and confirmation of imaging conditions on a single screen. The monitor is a portrait-style and enhances both image viewing and operability. Furthermore, you can split and switch the examination screen between 1,2, or 4 images on a single screen. You can also connect the system to an optional second, high resolution monitor. That allows automatic display of previous images and detailed image review for even better versatility.

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