Siemens Symphony, 4 channels, 1.5T -YOM 2000
Siemens Symphony, 4 channels   MRI system with use of a superconducting magnet with a field strength of 1.5 T, specifically oriented towards  cardiac or neurological examinations. YOM: 2000 Coils: Head, Spine, Body, Neck, Extremity, Shoulder, Large and Small Flex
Siemens Symphony Maestro Class - YOM 2003
Siemens Symphony Maestro   MRI Scanner capable of delivering excellent image quality. Extremely powerful high-end class system. Expert version of Symphony family that has higher speed of making the pictures and ability to make thinner slices. YOM :2003 Coils: 8_Channel_Head, CP_BodyArray, CP_Extremity, CP_FlexLarge, CP_FlexSmall, CP_NeckArray, CP_SpineArray, FlexLoopSmall
Siemens Avanto 76/18 TIM, 1.5T - YOM 2005
Siemens Symphony Avanto   MAGNETOM Avanto provides ease of use, revolutionary image acquisition and clinical benefits YOM:2005 Coils: Spine Matrix col, Body Matrix, Head Matrix, Neck Matrix, Shoulder coil 4 ch, Knee coil 8 ch, CP Flex Large, CP Flex Small coil
Siemens Symphony Syngo, 1.5T - YOM 2002
Photo is coming soon 2 The perfect combination of convenience for the patient and the speed of research.Machine is spread around the world , which characterizes its reliability and ease of use. YOM: 2002 Coils: Body_Array_Ext, CP_Body Array, CP_Breast Array, CP_Extremity, CP_Flex Large, CP_Flex Small, CP_Neck Array, CP_PA Array, CP_Spine Array, Flex loop Large, Flex loop Small, Sloulder Array
Siemens Magnetom Harmony - YOM 1998
SN 1029S40 SN 1029S40 Software version: VA35A-SP2 Main Console: 1 Laser Camera: No Workstation: 1 MWS Phased array: Yes Gradient: Quantum  gradient (2008)   33 mt/m Chiller: No Last cold head replacement: 2013 Helium level  : 90% before rampdown Coils: Spine coil, Head coil, Neck coil, Knee coil, Body coil, Flex large coil, Flex small coil, Options: 3D advanced, Advanced Angio, Advanced Turbo , EPI, Cardio advanced, Bold Imaging, Care Bolus, Neuro Evaluation, spectroscopie monovoxel
Siemens Avanto - YOM 2005
SN 25714 Siemens Avanto – YOM 2005 Magnet: OR105A – zero boiloff Software: Numaris 4, Contex Vision, 3D MIP, 3D SSD, 3D MPR, 3D Usage,Worklist, Argus Main, TIM Whole Body, Inline Diffusion, TIM Application Suite, CISS/DESS, Syngo General Software version: Syngo B17 Coils: Spine Matrix col, CP Breast Array coil, Body Matrix, Head Matrix, Neck Matrix, Shoulder coil 4 ch, Knee coil 8 ch., CP Flex Large, CP Flex Small coil Gradient: 33/125, Q engine (max amplitude 33 mT/m – max slew rate 125 T/m/s – more details next page) Options: COIM, VE10F
MRI Philips Achieva NOVA - 8 channel system, 1.5T - YOM 2005
Philips Achieva NOVA   MRI scanners  Achieva Nova focus on improving productivity. Flexible configuration and versatility ensure freedom of workflow and high efficiency. YOM:  2005 Magnet: F 2000 Coils: 8ch head, sense body, sense spine, sense knee, sense foot, sense ankle, C 3 coil
Philips Intera - YOM 2001
System picture SN 514953 SN 514953 YOM 2001 Magnet: F2000 Magnet Coils: Synergy Spine Coil, Quad Head Coil, Neurovascular attachment for, head coil, Knee/foot coil, Sense Flex Medium Coil, C1 Coil, C4 Coil, E1 Coil Software level:  9.5.2 Other: MT style patient table, S23 RF Deck, BDAS Cabinet with 6 channel
Esaote C-Scan - YOM 2001
SN 3037 Esaote C-scan – YOM 2001 Incl. Coils:   6 coils (full package)

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