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GE OEC FlexiView 8800

GE OEC FlexiView 8800

YOM: 2005

– Model:
YOM: 2005

Accessories: Footswitch, Remote IR

GE OEC FlexiView 8800

The OEC FlexiView 8800 is an amazing digital mobile imaging system. Plus, the OEC Flexiview 8800 is the newest mobile fluoroscopy machine that followed the GE OEC line of the X-ray imaging systems. Moreover, this flexible and economical mobile C-arm is created with high quality imaging technology at very low and long-term costs. This machine offers 1k x 1k 16-bit image processing and a full-frame CCD camera. And it has a powerful digital imaging in a simple point-and-shoot C-arm.

Furthermore, thanks to the system flexibility and its high quality imaging capability, the OEC FlexiView 8800 may be used in many different ordinary surgical operations. In addition, it has 45-degree overscan efficiency. Besides, the operation uses the touch screen, hand-held remote control, or foot pedal control, which make it easier to operate. This C-arm’s design is to create simple use, therefore the system length is reduced to make more controlled movements. Additionally, the GE OEC Flexiview 8800 offers an option of adding an instant paper and film printer which provides lazer camera of high quality.

In conclusion, this GE C-arm ensures short operation time, increased utilization, and brings the best results.

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