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GE Fluorostar 7900

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GE Fluorostar 7900 mobile X-ray C-arm

GE Fluorostar 7900 – General Information

GE developed the OEC Fluorostar 7900 to offer imaging excellence for confidence in surgery. It is a compact and mobile C-arm, and therefore, easily maneuvered in and out of operating rooms. This also makes it a good choice for clinics with limited space.

The GE Fluorostar 7900 comes with a touch screen interface for simplicity and ease of use. Moreover, dual-side touchscreen offers an intuitive accessibility from both sides and USB ports ensures fast plug-and-play image storage. However, it has a great amount of internal storage as well, that holds up to 60.000 images.

The dual-side touchscreen also allows for easy access to all postprocessing functions, available right at your fingertips. Hereby the view can be trimmed, adjusted, and reviewed to allow for optimal visualization of the area of interest. You can choose from different frame rates or use a range of options to fully utilize the capabilities of the GE Fluorostar. For instance, you can get options for peripheral vascular applications such as: subtraction, peak-opacification, and roadmapping. Moreover, image quality is further enhanced with advanced noise reduction features.

Excellent image quality is achieved with the combinations of a high-resolution CCD-Camera and the 1k x 1k image processing. GE intended it to fulfill needs within endoscopy, orthopedics, urology, vascular, and cardiology. However, it is also suitable for other applications within intensive care, accident or emergency, and for neurological exams.

Overall the GE Fluorostar 7900 is a clinically versatile solution that provides excellent images. Therefore, it is a good choice if you are looking for a good quality mobile X-ray machine. With a used GE Fluorostar you will get great value for money, and a good stable system. A similar and also popular system, is the GE OEC 9800.
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