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Siemens Acuson Juniper

Specifications for one of our Siemens Acuson Juniper currently in stock.
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YOM: 2018

Probes:11M3, 5C1, ánd 16L4

Software: VA10F

Options: US_Security_VP_Juniper, US_SieScape_Juniper, US_System_License_juniper, SyngoLite_US_Juniper

Applications: General Imaging

Siemens Juniper Ultrasound System

Siemens Acuson Juniper

The Siemens Acuson Juniper is a high-performance ultrasound machine that can scan every patient regardless of their condition, size or weight. This system is the best-in-class elastography and is designed to adapt to everyday clinical and workflow challenges. It is a small but a powerful system, and it is capable of accommodating all patients virtually. Moreover, it is one of the industry’s smallest ultrasound systems. It is up to 36% smaller and weighs an average of 27% less than other systems in its class.

The Acuson Juniper comes with an optimized accessibility and expanded application. It has unlimited versatility with front and back handle for effortless mobility. Additionally, the machine has a wide monitor, large touch display, and intuitive user interface. On top of that, to support multiple clinical applications, the Acuson Juniper has in total 6 ports, including 5 active transducer ports and 1 CW port. Furthermore, this system has a Shear wave elastography imaging that can consistently deliver high quality images with high contrast resolution, high color sensitivity, complete image uniformity, and smooth dynamic flow.

Moreover, the Siemens Acuson Juniper is amongst the quietest machines in its class on the market. The design of the system is meant for a stress-free environment with a sound pressure of only 28 decibels. It is also important to mention that this ultrasound has a quick boot-up time with a maximum productivity and is always ready to scan with a little to no setup time.

Finally, the Acuson Juniper can be moved easily between examinations and patients. All in all, it is an easy to use system that can bring its productivity to a high level.

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