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Samsung RS80A Prestige

Specifications for the Samsung RS80A Prestige currently in stock:

YOM: 2014

Probes: V5-9, CA1-7A, LA3-16 and V4-8


Options:  Smart 4D, Xl STIC, Elastoscan, Panoramique, HDVI (USB on the back), E-Thyroid, Realistic Vue, S-Detect, E-Breast, Prestige

Applications: GI

Samsung RS80 A Prestige Ultrasound system

Samsung RS80A Prestige – General Information

The Samsung RS80A Prestige is a great ultrasound system for radiology. It has advanced technical capabilities with an exceptional image quality through S-Vision and S-Vue transducers. Thanks to these elements, the results of diagnosis are clearer and more detailed. Moreover, this machine offers exclusive options and features such as S-Fusion for intervention procedures, and many others. Also, with progressive technologies like S-Shearwave for quantitative measurement and CEUS+, you can reduce the number of biopsies as lesions become visible and examinations are easier to perform. Overall, these features provide users with a big convenience and confidence in clinical practices.

The RS80A Prestige provides high resolution images for confident diagnosis. Therefore, with a screening tool Auto IMT+™ (Intima-Media Thickness) measurement, the clinician is able to get an early detection of cardiovascular diseases and risks for stroke. Thanks to this, you can monitor and come up with solutions before damages are done.

However, be aware that there are some features that are available only for some products in selected countries. They are for example E-Thyroid™ used for elastoscan for thyroid with ECI, or E-Breast™ for elastoscan for breast with strain ratio calculation tool. We recommend that you keep this in mind and ask if you are in doubt.

In conclusion, the Samsung RS80 brings a Realistic Vue™ which displays a high resolution 3D anatomical image with outstanding details. Furthermore, this machine is a very user-friendly system. It includes adjustable screen, 13.3-inch tilting touch screen, and many more.

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