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Specifications for the GE Logiq E9 currently in stock:

YOM: 2009

Software: BT10

Probes: C1-5D and ML6-15D

Options: CodedContrast, Dicom, Elastography, and BT 2010

Applications: OB/GYN

GE Logiq E9

GE Logiq E9 – General Information

The GE Logiq E9 is a premium radiology ultrasound system. It features advanced technology, which gives you the ability to capture extraordinary images. Coded Harmonic Imaging improve near-field resolution, which allows better visualization of small parts, and enhance far field penetration, even on bigger patients.

The GE Logiq E9 is also a versatile general imaging system that meets a wide variety of imaging needs. It can be used for abdominal, vascular, GYN/OB, cardiac, and more applications. This top-quality GE ultrasound comes with the excellent tool volume navigation, as well as improved workflow technology. Volume Navigation and the Fusion tool increase diagnostic confidence by comparing the live ultrasound images, with images from other modalities. You can either have them overlap, on the screen of the GE Logiq E9, or watch them side by side. This is a strong tool for interventional procedures, for instance guided biopsies.

The intuitive Scan Assistant feature on the GE Logiq E9 facilitates workflow and improves consistent image acquisition. It is a scanning protocol that can automatically insert comments and initiate and complete measurements. It can also steer colour Doppler for you. Furthermore, Compare Assistant technology makes standardized protocols and image review effortless on the GE Logiq E9. For instance, it allows you to compare the current study with earlier images on split screen. It can also help you replicate past views and scanning parameters.
It comes with improved ergonomics and user-friendliness– the touchscreen is customizable and the layout of the control panel is intuitive. Both smaller and lighter than other similar systems, the GE Logiq E9 has increased mobility.
The GE Logiq E9 also comes in a XD Clear version. The high resolution screen allows healthcare professional to take full advantage of the many innovative features.

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