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GE Logiq E

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GE Logiq E

The GE Logiq E – General Information

The GE Logiq E is one of the world´s most famous and bestselling mid-range portable ultrasounds. This battery-powered portable version of the GE Logiq line replaced the older Logiq with a more standard laptop style form. Moreover, is a high performance multipurpose imaging system. GE has designed this ultrasound for cardiac, abdominal, obstetrics, gynecology, vascular, musculoskeletal, small parts, pediatric, neonatal, and intraoperative applications.

Even though the GE Logiq E is a used system, it remains popular due to the great balance between price, performance, and features. Since its launch, it has been an affordable solution for a quality, feature-laden portable ultrasound machine. It has true Shared Services capabilities with a stress echo option. In addition, it is a compact system which raises the bar on image quality. For a long time the GE Logiq E was known as the only portable ultrasound in its class/price range that has truly good image quality in all applications. At the same time, it is easy to operate with both basic scanning and advanced imaging.

With the GE Logiq E you have the freedom to manually optimize images or take advantage of dedicated imaging settings by anatomy. You can scan the way you prefer. Another benefit of the GE Logiq E is that it is highly customizable. It allows you to customize all aspects of image quality, annotations, presets, programmable buttons, etc. The GE Logiq E is also fully digital and enables export to external hard drive, network, flash drive, and DVD.

The system has many advanced imaging features, such as Power Doppler Imaging sensitivity which helps with detecting slow blood flow. Also, easy 3D allows you to scan and reconstruct a volumetric image, and B-Color lets you add tints to grayscale to enhance contrasts.

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