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Specifications for the Siemens Magnetom C 0.35T currently in stock:

YOM: 2005

Field of strength: 0,35T

Type of magnet: Permanent

Coils: WRIST ARRAY (1201), EXTREMITY ARRAY S (1243) , EXTREMITY ARRAY L (1027) ,  NECK L (1285) , NECK M (1185) , HEAD ARRAY (1540) , SHOULDER ARRAY (1382) , BODY SPINE ARRAY L (1473)

Software options: NUMARIS/4 SYNGO MR A35

Gradient: 24

Slew rate: 55

Siemens Magnetom C 0,35T

The Siemens Magnetom C 0.35T – General Information

The Siemens Magnetom C 0.35T is an MRI which enables high-field capabilities in a mid-field MRI. Hence, it features the largest anatomical coverage in mid-field MRI. You can be confident in your diagnosis due to supreme image quality at 0.35T. Moreover, it delivers outstanding patient comfort with its open, compact C-shaped magnet.

The system is surprisingly powerful and it offers true multi-channel-imaging with up to 4 element coils and 4 channels. You can avoid patient repositioning as it is possible to place multiple coils for extended field of view at the same time. Therefore, the head-to-toe scanning is faster. Also, the system features 3D exams with double oblique slice orientation.

The Siemens MAGNETOM C 0.35T brings patient-friendly side-loading for optimal comfort. Furthermore,, it provides the latest application technology for smooth workflow and optimized component integration for high productivity.

Moreover, the Siemens MAGNETOM C 0.35T is equipped with Tim® Technology, which has become an MRI standard. As the rest of Siemens MRI systems, the Magnetom C 0.35T offers a high level of flexibility. The accuracy and speed of the system meet the demands of today’s clinics.

The Syngo Inline Technology enables technicians to perform certain processing steps early – during image reconstruction and display them immediately after completion. The syngo Expert-I gives physicians and experts remote access to the MRI suite.

With the great workflow, image quality, and patient comfort that truly satisfies, the Siemens Magnetom C 0.35T increases healthcare quality. Also, its low operating costs promote a high return-on-Investment.

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