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Philips MX 16

Specifications for the Philips MX 16 currently in stock:

YOM: 2010

Slices: 16


  • Model: DU5008C
  • YOM: 2010

Accessories: Headrest, pads, cushion, straps, feet extension, and examroom monitor.

Options: CCT, Injector Triggering (SAS), Bolus Tracking, Worklist, and MPPS.

Philips MX 16 CT Scanner

Philips MX 16 – General Information

The Philips MX 16 is a 16-slice CT scanner that can be used for routine CT studies and CT angiography. Furthermore, it is good for advanced motion-sensitive applications, for instance, CT colonography and pulmonary studies. The special features of the system include a fast reconstruction and a range of automated tools. These allow healthcare professionals to easily set up patients and manage scans. In addition, it includes features that contribute to maximizing the dose efficiency.

Moreover, the Philips MX 16 comes with the RapidView 6 reconstruction technology, which significantly reduces the reconstruction time. Furthermore, it brings world-class performance to this CT scanner, as the RapidView 6 delivers up to 6 images/second.

Philips DoseWise, a radiation dose management feature, enables you to build a sustainable radiation safety program in your department. The DoseRight Automatic Current Selection optimizes the dose for each patient based on the scheduled scan. Furthermore, the Dedicated Pediatric Protocols provide exceptional clinical results with low doses for children.

Additionally, the DoseRight Dose Modulation automatically controls the tube current to increase or decrease the signal as necessary, to maintain a constant low image noise while decreasing dose. Therefore, your images will be of a great quality and your patients safe, with low radiation doses.

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