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GE LightSpeed 16

Specifications for the GE LightSpeed 16 currently in stock:

YOM: 2007

Slices: 16


  • Model: MAXIRay-CT-ULTRA-I
  • YOM: 2016
  • Count: 77.916.856 mAs

Detector type: GDAS16

Generator model: Jedi

Accessories: Mattress, Straps, head holder, boom hoist

Options: Copycomposer, Smart prep, Smartspeed, Direct-3D, Direct-MPR, Data export, 3000 image series, AutomA, 90KVa, Helical tilt, Patient-16-slice, Power440, VolumeViewer, Autobone, Connectpro, AdvVesselAnalys

GE LightSpeed 16 – General Information

The GE LightSpeed 16 slice is a widely used CT scanner. It is also popular on the market for used imaging equipment, due to its price-to-performance ratio. Moreover, this system offers Air-Cooled Helios Gantry and provides 3D visualization and display multiple images simultaneously. Also, it maintains fast scan time to improve productivity which gives more scans in less time. Hence, with the minimum scanning time and system’s wide bore design, patient comfort increases during the examination. Plus, this CT scanner delivers 16 slices per rotation and brings an outstanding image quality, which allows clinicians to provide a wide variety of examinations.

Furthermore, some of the LightSpeed 16 features and components are Xtream technology, Full Dicom connectivity, Auto-segmentation, and many more. Moreover, it is accurate to acknowledge that the system has a feature with a wide display field of view measures of 65 cm, or gantry opening measures 80 cm. Additionally, it is important to mention that the LightSpeed 16 gives a precise positioning  of patients even in very challenging cases.

Overall, this system is user-friendly, dependable, and is designed to deliver diagnostic confidence and productivity. In addition, it is a great choice of CT scanner for everyone that is seeking a high quality system at a lower price.

If you are interested in the price range of the GE LightSpeed 16 or any other CT scanners, then you should read our article on: How much does a CT scanner cost. It offers a simple overview based on slices and year of manufacture so you can get an indication of the needed budget.

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