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GE CT Brightspeed 16 slice – General Information

The Brightspeed 16 offers high-resolution images across a wide range of applications and allows you to perform new clinical applications, at an optimized dose. Furthermore, it has been built with several technological advancements that GE developed for the LightSpeed VCT™. Such as the Xtream FX workflow engine and the Volara™ digital Data Acquisition System (DAS).

Moreover, the Brightspeed is a high-powered scanner, great for multi-organ acquisition. The scanner comes with the Performix tube, enhanced with SmartTube technology, hereby improving its longevity and reliability.

Furthermore, it provides great comfort. The innovative hardware and software create a convenient and ergonomic environment. The Brightspeed 16 offers sit/stand and horizontal/vertical monitor flexibility. Additionally, it reduces noise and heat due to the remote location of the console.

The LightSpeed VCT technology inside and the small footprint on the outside has proven its advantages. Therefore, the BrightSpeed Series benefits both practitioners and patients. The GE CT Brightspeed 16 slice maintains the optimal speed, power, and resolution to support non-invasive diagnostics. Furthermore, the reduced size of gantry components makes the system very compact.

To top it off, the Brightspeed 16 slice has an innovative workflow management. The Xtream FX includes a one-touch protocol which delivers tailored visualization mode for exams review. It is directly built into the protocols is hereby, available in one click on the Operator Console or the Post-processing workstation.

As mentioned before, this Brightspeed comes with the Volara™ Digital DAS. This increases the sampling rate by up to 20% and reduces noise by 30 to 40%. Hereby, offering outstanding image quality. Most importantly, it boosts the processing power and reduces the patient dose of up to 10%.

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