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GE BrightSpeed Elite 16 Slice

Specifications for the GE BrightSpeed Elite 16 currently in stock:

YOM: 2011

Slices: 16


  • Type: MX200CTIII TUBE BB TYPE 5401074
  • YOM: 2018
  • Count: 82033790 mAs

Options: Smart Prep, SmartSpeed, Helical Tilt, AutoMa, Power440, Patient-16 slice, 3000 Image series, Direct 3D, 90 KVA, Copy Composer, Direct-MPR, Data Export, Connect Pro, Volume Viewer, EnhancedRecon, ASIR, Real Time CT Fluoro, Enhanced Xtream, Injector

The GE BrightSpeed Elite 16 Slice – General Information

This GE BrightSpeed is a CT-scanner that delivers high-image quality at a lowered radiation dose. It comes with several technologies, including ASiR. Furthermore, it delivers a reduction in radiation dose of up to 40%, with no compromises in image quality. Additionally, this technology enables reduction of image noise. However, keep in mind that ASiR is an option on older versions of the Elite but is standard on newer systems.

Furthermore, the GE BrightSpeed Elite 16 slice helps clinicians to be more efficient. It is supported by workflow solutions, which accelerate image acquisition, processing, and transfer. GE optimized the workflow at every step, from acquisition to reporting. For instance, the console of the GE BrightSpeed Elite 16 slice is equipped with the latest computer technology. Includding Intel’s® Quad-Core CPU that allows it to manage large, thick-slice datasets with ease.

Moreover, the GE BrightSpeed Elite 16 slice with ASiR maximizes throughput. And it delivers scanning performance equivalent to an 8 MHU tube system. It allows you to scan at lower mA, for equivalent image quality. Hence, throughput increases as stress on tube and generator is reduced. Additionally, you can choose to avoid tube cooling to decrease time between exams.

The GE BrightSpeed Elite includes the best technologies from previous BrightSpeed systems. Most importantly the IQ Enhance algorithm. This lets you scan faster without having to worry about sacrificing image quality. Furthermore, the BrightSpeed Elite 16 can provide you with flexibility to address critical situations. From head to toe, the system will produce high quality images across a wide range of applications. Therefore, the performance will be great even if your patients are heavier and larger.

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