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Aquilion Prime

Specifications for the Aquilion Prime currently in stock:
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YOM: 2011

Slices: 160

Tube change: 09/2016

Options: Doubleslice, cardiac, CardiacPatch, Cardiacrecon, De_Scan, EHCT_SCU, Fast_Recon, Fluoroscope, IMG500K, Injectorsync, MWM_SCU, ORBITSYNC, Scan64ROX, SCAN80ROW

Toshiba Aquilion Prime

Toshiba Aquilion Prime – General Information

The Toshiba Aquilion Prime is an excellent high-end CT scanner. It incorporates cutting edge technologies that satisfy a wide range of clinical requirements. These new technologies enable high-quality clinical images, with a low dose while also optimizing workflow.

Additionally, the Aquilion Prime supports all routine examinations, and comes with advanced clinical applications. These include ultra-low dose examinations while maintaining high image quality. Also, it has an ultra-fast workflow, that ensures fast data to diagnosis. Furthermore, the requirements of complex examinations seem easy with the Aquilion Prime, and it provides the information needed to make treatment decisions. Moreover, it contains a sophisticated suite of clinical applications, providing streamlined post processing.

The Aquilion Prime has the option to get coneXact, with double slice technology. This was originally developed for the Aquilion ONE. It enables taking full advantage of volume data and it can reconstruct it in double density. Therefore, the reconstruction resembles the original in MPR and 3D rendered images. Also, with a reconstruction speed of up to 60 fps, the scanned images are available shortly after – even when scanned with 0.5 mm slice thickness.

Furthermore, it comes with the SURE technologies from Toshiba and several other advanced software tools. These all contribute to the improved image quality, the low doses, and the fast processing. The Dual Energy helical scanning allows the system to alternate between high and low kV with each gantry rotation. Moreover, the system can automatically turn off the x-ray exposure when passing in front of the patient. Hereby minimizing the amount of radiation to sensitive organs like breasts and eye lenses.

All in all, it is an excellent system that offer both superior image quality and improved patient safety.
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