At LBN Medical we buy, sell and refurbish used CT Systems. We have more than 10 years of experience with handling  CT scanners from GE, Siemens, Toshiba and Philips, as well as Injectors from Imaxeon, Nemoto, Medrad etc. We know the strengths and weaknesses of each system and  their delicate components such as the tube and the detector. Therefore we can guide you through your purchase, to ensure you make a good investment. Are you looking for used CT scanners you can get in touch with our sales department.

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Toshiba Asteion Multi 4 Slice

Great capabilities for a 4 slice machine

The Toshiba Asteion Multi is a multislice Helical CT system, that supports whole-body scanning. A helical system means it is equipped with a multiple-row detector array to simultaneously collect data at different slice locations. The multi-slice CT scanner can rapidly scan large longitudinal (z) volume with high z-axis resolution. The Asteion Multi is the first of its kind to do tilted helical scannings. The system generates 4 slices per second using the selectable slice-thickness multirow detector (SSMD). In addition, the high-speed rotation mechanism and the fast reconstruction unit of the system allow quick image acquisition.

Scannings have never been as easy, with the efficiency guided Mode. This allows experienced users to optimize the results and beginners to get familiar with the Toshiba Asteion Multi.

With Asteion Multi being around for a long time, we know it as a reliable system. The applications and the economy, makes it a great acquisition for minor clinics, or as an extra CT Scanner. It can not produce emergency scans, or high quality cardiac studies, as we know it from the Aquilion 128 slices, but this machine is in a whole other caliber economy wise. It is like the quiet coworker who simply gets his job done, and never complains about it.


Info about the Toshiba Asteion 4 Slice

  • YOM: 2003
  • General condition: Good
  • Tested and refurbished CT scanner
  • Real-Time Helical Scanning
  • Tilted Helical Scanning
  • 1800mm Scan Range
  • 3D Imaging Capabilities
  • Good patient throughput
  • Gantry (Max. Clearance) 72 cm
Toshiba Aquilion CX

Specifications for the systems currently in stock.Toshiba Aquilion 64

Slices: 128

YOM: 2007

Tube model: MCS-7078D

Tube YOM: 2010 – May

Tube count: 239693

Applications software: V3,35GR006

Detector type: CDAS-041A

Generator type: Spellman

Accessories: Headrest and mats.



Operating system: Windows XP


General information

With the Aquilion CX 128 Slice CT scanner, each scanning will give great results. By combining the latest developed algorithm coneXact, originally developed for the Aquillion One, the Aquilion CX is able to generate 128 unique slices per rotation in a great quality – more details than ever. Needless to say, the Aquilion CX is equipped with the double slice technology, which allows the CT Scanner to take full advantage of the coneXact technology. The acquired data can be reconstructed in a double density, which results in high-precision reconstruction in MPR and 3D rendered images, reducing cone beam artifacts without interfering with dose exposure.

Siemens Emotion 16

Siemens Emotion 16General Information

The Siemens SOMATOM Emotion 16 CT-scanner is a part of the CT scanner line, which is among the most popular in the world. The system obtains top quality images with minimal life-cycle cost. Moreover, it offers a wide range of clinical imaging applications and fast patient throughput. With up to 16 images per second, the Siemens SOMATOM Emotion 16 CT performs both routine and detailed, high-resolution exams with ease

GE Brightspeed 16

GE Brightspeed 16

Information on the system in stock:

Slices: 16

YOM:  2009

Tube model: 2120785-2

Tube YOM: 2013

Tube count: 147303,6 scan seconds

Applications software: 11BW46,3

Detector type: GDAS2358139-3

Generator type:

Accessories: Complete set and cushions and pads, cane for the cover trollies.

Options: Smart prep, Smart speed, Helical Tilt,, copy composer, AutomA,, Direct-MPR, Power 440,, Data export, Patient-16-slice,, Neurofilter, 3000image series, Volumeviewer, Direct-3D, connect pro, 90kva, and CTPerfusion4Neuro.

Operating systems: UniX


General Information

The GE Brightspeed 16 offers high resolution imaging at an optimized dose. It is built with several technological advancements that were developed in the GE LightSpeed VCT™ like the the Xtream FX workflow engine and the Volara™ digital Data Acquisition System.
The Brightspeed 16 is a high powered  scanner, great for multi-organ acquisition. It is designed with the Performix tube, enhanced with SmartTube technology to increase longevity and reliability.
The size of several components has been reduce, therefore it does not take up more space than many single-slice systems.

Imaxeon CT Injector

Salient Single with wireless programmable control room monitor

ZY6320 – 190ml sterile syringe with J fill tube – 50 per box.
For use with Salient Contrast Injector only.

ZY5151 – 150cm extension tubing For Single Head procedures – 50 per box

Key Points when Investing in a Used CT Scanner

When investing in used CT scanners, a set of parameters must be taken into consideration:


  • What is the purpose of the machine (slices)
  • What is the budget
  • How big is the room it needs to fit into, and is further improvement needed
  • What is the cost of maintaining a functional CT scanner
  • The condition of the tube, and the tube count.
  • What will the service expenses be

How Many Slices do you Need?

A 4-slice CT Scanner is a good choice, if you run a veterinarian clinic, or a department with a limited queue of patients, and a reduced need of fast diagnosis. The 4-slice scanners are among the cheapest on the market, but also the slowest to perform the scan, and less powerful in its performance. Due to the less powerful performance, a 4-slice CT scanner will have a slightly reduced sensitivity in its diagnostic capabilities – but will be very suitable for follow-up procedures where time is not a factor. For an instance nephrolithiasis, where there are uncertainty if the calculus is still blocking the passage.

Some of the most popular 4-Slice CT Scanners are:
GE Brightspeed Excel 4 Slice
GE LightSpeed plus 4 Slice
Hitachi CXR4 4 Slice
Siemens Sensation 4 Slice
Philips MX4000 4 Slice
Toshiba Aquilion Super 4 Slice
Toshiba Asteion 4 Slice

The 16-slice CT scanner is the first choice of many clinics, or radiology departments, where the flow of patients are steady, or a quick scan is of high priority. The scanning time for a 16-slice is faster than the 4-slice, which gives it a soft spot at Urgent Care Centers and ERs where time is a factor – but also at the busy imaging facilities, where a 16-slice scanner can be the difference between a long and a short patient queue for the scanner.

Some of the most popular 16-Slice CT Scanners are:
Siemens Sensation 16 Slice
Philips Brilliance MX8000 16 Slice
Philips MX8000 Infinite 16 Slice
GE LightSpeed RT Wide Bore 16 Slice
Siemens Emotion 16 Slice
Toshiba Aquilion 16 Slice

The 32-slice and 40-slice CT Scanners are commonly placed in situations similar to the 16-slice CT scanner. The big difference is; the 32- and 40-slice CT scanners generally provide a longer coverage per gantry rotation, which makes the scantime shorter compared to the 16-slice, and the obtained image will not be influenced of motion artifacts in the same extent. However, the price is also a bit higher – not much, but still higher.

Some of the most popular 32- and 40-Slice CT Scanners are:
Toshiba Aquilion 32-Slice
Toshiba Large Bore 40-Slice
Siemens Sensation 40-Slice
Philips Brilliance 40-Slice

The 64-Slice CT Scanner is a state of the art machine, when it comes to cardiac, trauma or a high volume emergency scannings. When it comes to cardiology, a 64-slice CT scanner can perform CT angio, which doesnt require a cardiac catherization, and can save the facility for valuable time and money. Furthermore, all 64-slice scanners are very fast, and performs scans in a great quality. The downside is the increased up-front cost of the machine.

Some of the most popular 64-Slice CT Scanners are:
GE LightSpeed 64-Slice
Phillips Brilliance 64
Philips Ingenuity 64
Siemens Sensation 64
Toshiba Aquilion 64


The top notch scanners, ranging from 128 to 320 slices can provide whole body scans in seconds, meanwhile keeping an incredibly sharp 3D image of any organ. These scanners are often overkill in most clinical facilities, but can be seen in cardiac departments, or research facilities. These scanners are the latest generation, and are uncommon to retrieve as refurbished, but it occur occasionally.

Some of the most popular +128-Slice CT Scanners are:
Phillips Ingenuity 128-Slice
Toshiba Aquilion 128-Slice
Toshiba Aquilion One 320-Slice

How Much does a Used CT Scanner Cost?

There is no short answer to that question. The price of  used CT scanners vary a lot depending on age, demand, modality, tube count etc. However, the new price is here listed on top models. The refurbished and/or used price is commonly 20-35% of the new price.

In the low end, the price ranges from 70-140.000 USD.

Example of these machines are:
Siemens Sensation 4-Slice (70-100.000 USD)
Toshiba Aquilion 8-Slice (120-140.000 USD)

Please notice, this is the new price, not refurbished.

In the mid range, the price ranges from 150-250.000 USD.

Example of these machines are:
GE BrightSpeed 16-Slice (160-240.000 USD)
Toshiba Aquilion 32-Slice (200-240.000 USD)

Please notice, this is the new price, not refurbished.

In the high end, the price exceeds 250.000 USD.

Example of these machines are:
Philips Ingenuity 128-Slices (375-425.000 USD)
Toshiba Aquilion One 320-Slices (750-850.000 USD)

Please notice, this is the new price, not refurbished.

New, Used or Refurbished CT Scanners

The main difference between new, secondhand and refurbished CT scanners is first and foremost the condition. When buying refurbished or used the price is lower up-front, and you can get good value for money if you buy quality systems. It is however, very important that you ask about what has been done to the system, as it differs a lot across the industry.

In general it can be difficult to estimate the condition of a used CT system. However, at LBN Medical we put all of our professional efforts into guiding you as a customer. Used CT systems can be compared with cars. Some would buy an old car, and there is always the risk it doesn’t work. However, at LBN Medical we test all CT systems to ensure their functionality, and we do our very best to spot the worn out systems, so we can alert you in advance. Buying refurbished or used does not t need to be more risky, than you would like it.

See our blog post explaining the difference between used, refurbished and OEM refurbished.


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