You can see a small selection of our Philips ultrasound transducers below. But our large warehouse is filled to the brim, and we have many more. Contact our sales team for availability or buy directly from our new webshop.

21221A - CW Pencil transducer

CW philips probe


Frequency rate: 1.9 MHz
Description: CW Pencil transducer which is compatible with Philips Sonos 1000/1500/2000/3500/4500/5500/ Envisor. It is used for cardiac application.

L9-3 - Broadband Linear Array probe

Broadband linear array probe 2


Frequency rate: 3-9 MHz

Description: Broadband Linear Array probe compatible with Philips iE33, iU22, HD11 XE and HD9 ultrasound systems. It is used for cerebrovascular surgical, peripheral vascular, internal mammary vessels, contrast applications.

C9-4 Endovacity Transducer

Probe full view


Frequency rate:
4-9 MHz
Description: Endovacity Transducer compatible with Philips iU22, HD3, HD11 and HD11 XE ultrasound systems. It is used for small adult and pediatric abdominal, obstetrical, and gynecological applications.

S4-1 Broadband Sector Transducer

Probe full view


Frequency rate: 
1-4 MHz
Description: It is broadband sector transducer used for abdominal and OB/GYN applications. Probe is compatible with Philips iU22 ultrasound systems.

S8-3 Broadband sector tansducer



Frequency rate: 
3-8 MHz
Description: Broadband sector transducer compatible with Philips iE33, HD15, HD11XE and HD11 ultrasound systems. The probe is used for adult cardiac, pediatric cardiac, and fetal Echo.

X3-1 xMATRIX transducer



Frequency rate: 
1-3 MHz
Description: This is a xMATRIX ultrasound transducer, compatible with Philips iE33 and iU22 ultrasound systems. It is used for pediatric and adult cardiology applications.

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