Refurbished CT Scanner

Toshiba Aquilion 64 Refurbished CT scannerDue to a partnership with the Canon Secondlife Department we have a unique opportunity to sell customers a Refurbished CT Scanner from Canon. The process that the CT scanners go through in the Secondlife department is a thorough ISO certified process. Furthermore, they apply to the GRP (Good Refurbishment Practice) guidelines, as defined by COCIR. Parts are changed, covers are painted, and everything is checked. Hereby, the system is comparable to a new system when it is done.

Therefore, a refurbished CT scanner is an excellent alternative to new, as you will get a more advanced system within the same budget.

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Additionally, a refurbished CT scanner from Canon Secondlife always comes with 12 months spare parts warranty and the official refurbishment certificate.

The products that we offer includes the full range of Aquilions, for instance the popular:

The Aquilion 16
The Aquilion 64
And the Aquilion CX


If you have any questions regarding a refurbished CT scanner, available systems, price, etc. feel free to contact our sales team. They will be happy to help you.


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