At LBN Medical we offer OEM refurbished products, due to unique partnerships with some of the major OEMs.OEM refurbished products include both CT scanners and ultrasound systems.
See our blog post for more information on the terms Used, Refurbished and OEM Refurbished.

OEM refurbished products are fully refurbished by the original manufacturer. It is an extensive, full update of the system to ensure that it is as new. Furthermore, it is an ISO certified process that must conform to the GRP – Good Refurbishment Practice as defined by COCIR (the European Trade Association representing medical imaging, radiotherapy, and similar).

Not just any product can become OEM refurbished – only units with clean service records will be selected. After being chosen they go through software updates, replacement of both technical and cosmetic parts, and are fully tested. OEM refurbished products are as good as new and a really good alternative to new systems.

If you consider buying used or OEM refurbished rather than new, or if you need any advice on the matter, please contact us. You can get in touch either by e-mail or by calling us at: +45 96 886 500

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