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À LBN Médicale, nous achetons, vendons et rénovons un grand nombre de systèmes CT. Dans notre plus de dix ans d’histoire, nous avons traité CT scanners de GE, Siemens, Toshiba et Philips, ainsi que des injecteurs de Imaxeon, Nemoto, Medrad etc. Nous connaissons les points forts et défauts de chaque système, et composants délicats du scanner tels que le tube et le détecteur, et peut vous guider dans votre achat en assurant un bon investissement – contactez l’équipe de vente ici.

Toshiba Aquilion CX 128 Slice

Toshiba Aquilion CX 128 Slice

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High definition – High Quality

With a refurbished Toshiba Aquilion CX 128 Slice CT Scanner, you are guaranteed great results of each scanning. The scanner is the latest state of technological innovation in Multi Slice CT technology. By combining the latest developed algorithm coneXact, originally developed for the Aquillion One, the Aquilion CX is able go generate 128 unique slices per rotation in a great quality – more details than ever. Needless to say, the Aquilion CX is equipped with the double slice technology, which allows the CT Scanner to take full advantage of the coneXact technology. The acquired data can be reconstructed in a double density, which results in high-precision reconstruction in MPR and 3D rendered images, reducing cone beam artifacts without interfering with dose exposure.

Reduced Dose – Reduced Damage

As the dose modulation plays an even bigger part in todays imaging equipment, the Toshiba Aquilion CX have taken its steps towards a durable solution. To decrease the amount of scanning related cancers, the amount of dosis used per scan must be reduced. To oblige with such demands, Toshiba have developed a great set of advanced dose reduction techniques. The major step comes in applying sophisticated algorithms to the raw data operating in three dimensions. Among these are BOOST3D, SUREEXPOSURE 3D, QDS (Quantum Denoising Software) and AUTOMATED DOSE REDUCTION PROGRAM.

Info about the Toshiba Aquilion CX:

  • YOM: 2006
  • General condition: Good
  • Tested and refurbished CT Scanner
  • Premium 64 detector row technology with the industry’s best low contrast resolution
  • 72 kW generator with 350 ms rotation acquires data faster and reduces exam duration
  • Up to 28 images per second reconstruction
  • High definition coneXact reconstruction
  • Ergonomical design and in-built features to optimize ergonomic characteristics
  • With new double slice technology developed for Aquilion ONE, the Aquilion /CX is able to generate 128 unique slices per rotation
  • Several standard advanced automated “Sure” Technologies such as SureSubtraction and SureCardio Prospective
Toshiba Aquillion 64 Slice

Toshiba Aquillion 64 Slice

Picture of the great Toshiba Aquilion ONE from our warehouse

Toshiba Aquilion ONE


When speed and performance counts

With 64 slices, the Toshiba Aquilion will suit any imaging facility well, where there is a need for speed and quality, or be the vital tool you need to do cardiac studies.  The Aquilion 64 is twice as fast as a 32 detector row CT system and comes with software aimed to enhance workflow, that delivers high quality imaging, and optimized dose management and overall superior patient care.

In a single hold of breath, the Aquilion 64 can capture precise cardiac images in an impressive quality, which can aid the medical team in detection of heart diseases.

Reduce the artifacts in CT scannings

Noise (quantum noise) in CT depends on the number of discrete x-ray photons reaching the detector. Great amount of noise will lead to poor image quality. In the Aquilion, Toshiba have taken several steps to eliminate (or heavily reduce) the amount of quantum noise. One thing is the Quantum Denoising Software (QDS).

Furthermore, The BOOST 3D application also reduces noise, and by that improves imaging quality. BOOST 3D aims to reduce both quantum noise and structured noise in the raw data domain. Structured noise, unlike quantum noise, is noise that has a pattern, such as streaking artifact.

Info about the Toshiba Aquilion 64 Slice:

  • YOM: 2010
  • Overall condition: Very good
  • Tested and refurbished CT scanner
  • Comprehensive set of advanced clinical applications
  • 64 simultaneous slices of 0.5mm with each 350ms revolution
  • 256 slices in one rotation with .5mm slice thickness
  • 13cm coverage in patient axis direction
  • Advanced SUREWorkflow software with PhaseXact
  • 180cm long by 47cm wide patient couch
  • 40% radiation dose reduction
  • 70kW HF generator with 400 ms scan speed
Toshiba Asteion Multi 4 Slice

Toshiba Asteion Multi 4 Slice

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Great capabilities for a 4 slice machine

The Toshiba Asteion Multi is a multislice Helical CT system, that support whole-body scanning. A helical system means it is equipped with a multiple-row detector array to simultaneously collect data at different slice locations. The multi-slice CT scanner has the capability of rapidly scanning large longitudinal (z) volume with high z-axis resolution. The Asteion Multi is the first of its kind to do tilted helical scannings. The system generates 4 slices per second using the selectable slice-thickness multirow detector (SSMD). In addition, the high-speed rotation mechanism and the fast reconstruction unit of the system allow quick image acquisition to further improve throughput in CT examinations.

Scannings haven ever been as easy, with the efficiency guided Mode, where experienced users can optimize the results even more, and beginners can get familiar with the Toshiba Asteion Multi in a proper way.

With Asteion Multi being around for a long time, we know it as a reliable system. In combination with the applications and the economy, it can be a great acquisition for a minor clinic, or as an extra CT Scanner. It can not produce emergency scans, or high quality cardiac studies, as we know it from the Aquilion 128 slices, but this machine is in a whole other caliber economy wise. It is like the quiet coworker who simply gets his job done, and never complains about it.


Info about the Toshiba Asteion 4 Slice:

  • YOM: 2003
  • General condition: Good
  • Tested and refurbished CT scanner
  • Real-Time Helical Scanning
  • Tilted Helical Scanning
  • 1800mm Scan Range
  • 3D Imaging Capabilities
  • Good patient throughput
  • Gantry (Max. Clearance) 72 cm
Toshiba Aquilion One 320 Slice

Toshiba Aquilion One 320 Slice

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ONE CT Scanner fits them all

The Toshiba Aquilion ONE is practically the definition of ONE CT Scanner. A helical and multislice imaging system, which revolutionized the patient care when it was released. By a single rotation, it is possible to acquire volumetric imaging of entire organs, due to the 320-row detector. It is a state-of-the-art machine when it comes to advanced imaging, such as used in cardiac studies or neuro imaging. Industry’s first Dynamic Volume CT scanner with the capability to acquire 16 cm of anatomy in a single rotation.

One rotation is all it takes. The wide coverage provided by the 160 mm-wide detector enables scanning of organs in just one rotation. An entire organ can be captured at one time, resulting in multiplanar and 3D images demonstrating perfect continuity along the Z-axis.

One phase of the heart can be captured in just one analysis, or over a single heartbeat. Each reconstructed 3D image represents the very same phase of the cardiac cycle, providing incredible images – even free of distortion. With the combination of homogenous contrast enhancement, the coronary arteries have never been easier to examine.

One volume scans open the possibility of an entire brain scan with a non helical one volume scan. The Neuro ONE protocol allows multiple low-dose volume scans of the brain during contrast infusion to be obtained. This allows the medical staff to evaluate brain perfusion, as well as vascular analysis in one examination. Dynamic volumetric acquisition protocols can also be used to review moving joint structures in 3D, giving doctors a new set of possibilies with the latest technology in CT Scanners.

The Toshiba Aquillion ONE is a superior machine, combining the very best engineering with finest technology, giving doctors the images and speed they need, to pursue advanced and/or fast diagnosis, while dose modulation is taken under consideration.

Info about the Toshiba Aquilion One 320 Slice:

  • YOM: 2008
  • General condition: Very good
  • Tested and Refurbished CT scanner
  • High-speed volume reconstruction system
  • 78 cm gantry aperture
  • Ultra-low dose examination (AIDR 3D, SureExposure, Active Collimator and Dose Report)
  • One Family Applications (SureCardio, SureSubtraction, Dual Energy Analysis and much more)

For this specific Toshiba Aquilion One 320 Slice:

Tube type: MCS-7088A Year of Manufacture: nov-13 Tube count: 76868 S/N of the Tube: 76670-Y3 Detector type:   CDAS-051A Accesories: Armrest Head coil Triangel mat Camera (See pictures) Knee mat ECG Firewall Phantom holder – 2 types

Siemens Somatom Emotion 6 Slice

Siemens Somatom Emotion 6 Slice

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One of the best value CT machines on the market

The Siemens Somatom Emotion 6 Slice is an advanced scanner known for high quality and high speed, thus the low amount of slices. The scanner is from the very popular SOMATOM line of scanners from Siemens, which is known for high quality images, and the Syngo medical imaging software, which makes reading, storing and sharing of clinical imaging easy and efficient.

This CT scanner is highly recommended for busy clinics demanding a CT scanner for routine procedures. The imaging quality is high, speed is good and acquisition price on a refurbished even better. The Somatom Emotion is known to be a work horse, which not only helps you diagnose the patients, but also improves the overall economy of your clinic, due to the low acquisition cost and the high throughput of patients. This is in our opinion the very best 6-slice CT scanner on the market.

Info about the Siemens Somatom Emotion 6 Slice:

  • YOM: 2003
  • General condition: good
  • Tested and Refurbished CT scanner
  • Air cooling
  • ultra Fast Ceramic (UFC)
  • 68 cm gantry aperture
  • High speed – FAST care technology
    • FAST Planning, aiming for a safer, fast and more standardized workflow
    • FAST Spine – High quality imaging with a single click after FAST Planning
  • Dose modulation applications: IRIS, CARE Dose4D and DoseMAP
  • Designed to reduce cost with its reduced power and air conditioning
Siemens Somatom Sensation 10 Slice

 Coming soon

A safe choice for routine CT Scans

The Siemens Siemens Somatom Sensation 10 CT Scanner is an entry-level multislice helical CT scanner. This popular low-price scanner is derived from the popular Somatom line from Siemens. It is a very good fit for any clinic, where a CT scanner is needed for routine scans. With a very favorable acquisition price, it is a very popular low-price CT scanner. The Sensation series comes in 4, 10, 16, 40, and 64-slice versions, and are all water-cooled.

Info about the Siemens Somatom Sensation 10 Slice:

  • YOM: 2003
  • General condition: good
  • Tested and Refurbished CT scanner
  • Water cooled
  • 70 cm gantry aperture
  • Patient weight capacity: 200kg
  • Weight: 2100kg
Alpha Power Voltage Stabilizer CT 150 KVA - NEW
SN B5576 NEW Technology: Dynamic Color: Black Power (VA): 150000 Power (W): 150000 Input voltage min. (V): 285 Input voltage max. (V): 475 Nominal output voltage (V): 380 Volts +/- 2% tri-phase + neutral Control rate (V / s): 80 Display Settings: Digital By-Manual: yes Yield: 97% Electronic control: Microprocessor Width. X Height x Depth (mm): 900 x 1630 x 690 Packaged Weight: 620 Kgs Net Weight: 600 Kgs Complies with CE, TUV, ISO9001
Imaxeon CT Injector

Coming Soon Photo

Salient Single with wireless programmable control room monitor

ZY6320 – 190ml sterile syringe with J fill tube – 50 per box.
For use with Salient Contrast Injector only.

ZY5151 – 150cm extension tubing For Single Head procedures – 50 per box

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