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Chez LBN médicale, nous avons une grande assortiment de systèmes d’échographie, ainsi qu’une grande variété de marques. Nous vendons des systèmes de cardio, vasculaire, imagerie générale, OB/GYN (4D), portables et bien plus encore. Nos systèmes d’échographie d’occasion sont entièrement fonctionnels, et en bon état. Notre sélection sur la page Web ne peut pas être entièrement mis à jour, en raison d’un grand flux de produits. Si vous avez besoin d’aide, ne pas hésiter à nous contacter!

Philips Affiniti 50 WHC

Coming Soon Photo Options: OB/GYN 4D Printer Battery Probes: V6-2 L12-5 C9-4V

Philips Affiniti 50
Coming Soon Photo   Options: Shared Service Printer Battery Backup Probes: C6-2 L12-4 S4-2
Philips Affiniti 70
Coming Soon Photo   Options: Shared Service Battery Printer Probes (all pure wave): C5-1 L12-3 S5-1
Philips Epiq 5
Coming Soon Photo   Options: Shared Service Probes: C5-1 L12-3 S5-1
Philips Epiq 7
Coming Soon Photo   Options: Shared Service Live 3D XPlane Probes: X5-1 L11-3 C5-1
Philips ClearVue 350
Coming Soon Photo   Options: Shared Service Probes: C5-2 L12-4 S4-2 C9-4V
Philips ClearVue 550

Coming Soon Photo


Shared Service


Philips ClearVue 650

Coming Soon Photo


Shared Service


Toshiba Viamo


Toshiba Viamo – Portable ultrasound system

Provides high performance imaging as well as faster and accurate diagnosis, allowing users to visualize the smallest details.

  • Rotating monitor
  • Touch screen
  • SonoSet function
  • Trapezoid imaging
  • DICOM connectivity and IHE compliance and many more options

Applications: Vascular imaging, radiology, OB-GYN, emergency medicine

Toshiba Xario XG

<a href=””><img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-148″ src=”×300.jpg” alt=”Toshiba-xario-xg” width=”224″ height=”300″ /></a>

Toshiba Xario XG shared service ULS machine Is about excellent performance and high image quality.
<li>3D/4D imaging packages</li>
<li>Contrast harmonic imaging</li>
<li>Advanced dynamic flow</li>
<li>DICOM and many more options</li>
<strong>Applications: </strong>Abdominal OB-GYN, Small parts, breast diagnostics

Toshiba Aplio XG
Toshiba-aplio-xg Toshiba Aplio XG shared service ultrasound system Provides good image quality in cardiac and vascular imaging, has 3D,4D images packages installed.

  • 3D/4D
  • PW/CW/Color/Power Doppler
  • Panoramic imaging

Applications: OB-GYN, radiology, small parts, cardiac, breast diagnostics

Siemens Acuson S 2000
Refurbished Siemens Ultrasound SystemRefurbished Siemens Ultrasound System YOM: 2009 Software version: 350.2.401 A system that delivers superior image quality delivering effectivness of diagnostic process, innovative clinical applications and ergonomics , allowing to achieve such accuracy of diagnosis. This is a new generation of ultrasonic equipment, which uses imaging technology tissue elastic parameters Virtual Touch ™ Tissue Imaging – the first in the world and the only method of obtaining images with amplified acoustic pulses. Siemens S 2000 is a technologically advanced ultrasound scanner. It can be utilized in a wide range of applications of ultrasound including abdominal, vascular, OB/GYN and more. It features Advanced SieClear and Advanced fourSight technologies. They enhance the border definition and tissue contrast and improve the quality of volume imaging respectively. The system is easy for doctors to use and it is one of the best machines in its price group. Options installed: SYNGO_GENERAL_LICENSE, FILM_VFS, GET_WORKLIST, FILM_PAPER_PRINTER, MPPS_SUPPORT, SECURITY_PRIVACY_BASIC, SIESCAPE, COLOR_SIESCAPE, CLARIFY_VE, TEQ, ADVANCED_SIECLEAR_SC, 3SCAPE, AMNIOSCOPIC_RENDERING, ADVANCED_FOURSIGHT Transducers included:  *configuration of transducers can be chosen by the buyer Applications: Vascular imaging, abdomen, breast , musculoskeletal, OB-GYN , small parts
Siemens Acuson SC 2000
ultrasound_system_new_pic-01115954~10 Siemens SC 2000 is a premium sonography scanner. It is intended for an advanced cardiology use as it does more than basic cardiovascular ultrasound thanks to its technological features. The introduction of Volume Intracardiac Echo (ICE) and TEE Imaging leads to the delivery of precise information. The speed of the system is also impressive in comparison to other ultrasound machines which makes it possible for users to achieve an important balance between accurate analysis and quick decisions.
Siemens X 300
SN 312216 The Siemens X 300 sonography scanner maximizes efficiency more than ever. It achieves improved diagnostic performance and increased imaging penetration by using the most recent technological breakthroughs in ultrasonography including Hanafy lens technology and SynAps synthetic aperture technology. Mobility, at the same time, is not limited as the machine is lightweight and compact and can easily be moved between rooms and fitted into small spaces. Options for probes: VF10-5, CH5-2, P4-2 and CW5
GE Vivid I
SN 020092VI GE Vivid i is a portable ultrasound machine. Its small size allows doctors to deliver cardiovascular ultrasound directly to the patient. Some of its advantages include ability to perform triplex imaging and good penetraton. This sonography machine with the addition of an appropriate ultrasound probe provides many advanced imaging options, including Tissue Tracking, Blood Flow Imaging, Stress Echo, Contrast Imaging, Quantitave Analysis and LogiqView (panoramic imaging). The machine`s interface is user-friendly and makes it possible for doctors to use its features without any complications. Generally it is one of the most preferred models of ultrasound scanners among customers as it holds good value for the price it commands
GE Vivid E9
GE Vivid E9 Ultrasound System 4D cardiac imaging technology makes it possible for doctors to get a view of the heart from different perspectives with a single capture. As this technology is becoming more and more common, GE has come up with Vivid E9, which is considered as one of the best cardiac ultrasound machines. It is built especially for 4D imaging and provides the means to boost the productivity and provide the required data for accurate diagnoses. The system possesses a variety of functions. It is also capable of excellent 2D imaging, which makes it one of the more versatile devices on the market. Probes incl.: 9L-D New M5S-D New
GE Logiq P6
logiq p6 The Logiq P6 uses 4D imaging technology and is able to execute a wide range of functions – including vascular, abdominal, OB/GYN and cardiac. The machine is not big in size which makes it ideal for small clinics as it can easily be moved from room to room. At the same time the system is strong enough to deliver quality images and it can serve the patients` needs for a cheap price.
GE Logiq P5 Premium
Logiq P5 Premium The Logiq P 5 can be used in many different areas, while it is half the size of a regular ultrasound system, which makes it perfect for clinics and hospitals. Its advanced capabilities and high image quality, enhanced by 4D technology can prove effective in urology, women`s healthcare and in general imaging applications as a Whole.
GE Voluson 730 PRO
SN A31788 GE Voluson 730 PRO delivers extraordinary image quality and is precisely designed for obstetrical, gynecologic, and maternal fetal medical diagnosis. It is one of the most popular ultrasound machines which use 4D technology as it represents a stable and long-lasting product at a good price.
GE Voluson E8
SN D10371 The GE Voluson E8 sonography machine is primarily utilized in women`s healthcare and is capable of delivering earlier diagnoses in comparison to previous machines. A high-resolution 4D endovaginal probe and volume contrast imaging are some of the features which allow an improvement in the quality of the produced diagnoses.
GE Vivid S6
GE Vivid S6 The GE Vivid S6 ultrasound scanner integrates an advanced transducer technology and upgrades in the automated tissue characterization. These innovations lead to an improvement in the image quality and to a more powerful performance as a whole.  A wide variety of ultrasound probes can be attached to this system. As a consequence it can be used in an extensive range of applications including vascular, cardiac, abdominal, pediatric.
GE Voluson E
GE Voluson E The GE Voluson E ultrasound scanner features 3D Multiplayer Display and Real Time 4D volume tools. It is extremely user-friendly and is intended to move easily around rooms as it weighs only 5 kilograms. This makes it possible to provide service to patients in any surroundings.
GE Vivid Q
IMG_0636 The GE Vivid Q is a portable cardiac ultrasound machine. It uses many of the new technologies implied in the GE Vivid 7 and GE Vivid e9. These include the M4S-RS and Automated Ejection-Fraction Calculation. This ultrasound scanner delivers excellent images thanks to ultra definition algorithms and the Clarity and Adaptive Reject which lead to speckle reduction and better image quality. The Vivid Q is easier to use in comparison to other portable ultrasound scanners as it has a larger keyboard and its controls are easier to personalize.

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