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GE Logiq S7

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GE Logiq S7

The GE Logiq S7 is a mobile ultrasound that allows for flexibility in the workspace. It is well equipped for multiple applications such as vascular, cardiac, abdominal, OB/GYN, musculoskeletal, and small parts imaging.

The Logiq S7 can provide an outstanding image quality at a great speed. In connection to the range of applications, this ultrasound machine has an advanced S-Agile architecture, advanced transducers, and image optimization tools that help deliver excellent and clear images.

Moreover, it has several smart design options such as system adjustability. It allows the operator to adjust according to his height and preferences in order to obtain a great viewing angle when examining. Additionally, this system has a Scan Assistant which is a scanning program that helps reduce exam time and increase consistency of examinations and diagnosis.

The GE Logiq S7 is one of the most energy efficient ultrasounds in the industry. It contributes to a better environment by using less energy and saves money. Finally, this system has an affordable price and will be able to meet your expectations.

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