Company Culture


The culture at LBN Medical is encompassed in the slogan: Perform individually, work as a team!

This is very important to us, and the words are often said at meetings. More importantly, it is not just said, but also lived. For us, it means that we all do our best to perform our tasks and that we always strive to excel. However, at the same time, we see LBN Medical as a unit, where we all work together to reach our targets and provide the best solutions for our customers.

In that way, we do not only celebrate when individuals have done a great job, we also highlight cases where employees or departments have gone out of their way to solve a problem for someone else. That could be that our warehouse team rescheduled or stayed an extra hour, to make sure that an urgent deal is ready to be shipped, or the other way, where a salesperson helps pack some probes themselves to make sure they go out when the warehouse team is under pressure.

And not only do we help each other, but we also always have a good time together, both during regular hours, but also when we are celebrating individual successes or anniversaries, having Christmas dinners or international dinners, running or driving go-karts, or simply having lunch or breakfast together.

See for yourself below.

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