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How Much Does a CT Scanner Cost? (2020)

A CT scanner is not simply a CT scanner, they come with different technologies and options, and can be more or less advanced. Several factors affect price, but in this post we have made a simple overview of CT prices in the used market depending on number of slices, and then explained some of the additional important aspects that will affect prices.

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How Much Does an Ultrasound Machine Cost? (2020)

Ultrasound systems comes in many shapes and sizes and this results in very wide price ranges. In this blog we have made an overview of the prices depending on two main factors: How advanced a system is (Low-, mid- and high-tier) and whether the system is new, refurbished or used. You can also read a short description and see examples of each type.

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Liquid Helium in MRI Machines – Use, Cost, and More

All about Helium in MRI Machines:  How is liquid helium used in MRI scanners? What is the cost of liquid helium? How much liquid helium does an MRI machine use? How much does it cost to run an MRI scanner? Helium refill Liquid helium history Would you like to increase...

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Ultrasound Maintenance Checklist – 5 Important Points (2019)

Why should you be concerned about ultrasound maintenance? Ultrasound maintenance is essential to ensure that your machine continuously provides high performance and accurate diagnosis for your patients. As ultrasound systems are necessary for a smoothly functioning...

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