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A Guide to MRI Coils Types (2019)

There is a wide range of MRI coils types available on the market. They serve different purposes and some of them even have multiple ones. Therefore, it can be difficult to get an overview. Radiofrequency (RF) coils have undergone great development over the past few...

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How Much Does a Mammogram Machine Cost?

How much does a mammogram machine cost and how can you decide which one to get? That is what we will discuss in this blog post. Naturally, the prices between new and used mammography devices differ and by buying a used system you can save a bundle of money. We have...

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Comparison of the GE Voluson E10, E8, and E6 (Which One to Get)

The Voluson series is a well-known line of ultrasounds used for OB/GYN that includes several different models. In this blog post, we are not going to present all of them. However, we will take a closer look and compare the GE Voluson E10, E8, and E6 models. By the...

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Toshiba Aquilion Series (Which One to Get)

Learn about the Toshiba Aquilion series in this blog post. By the end, you should have a good overview of the Toshiba Aquilion systems available on the market for used medical equipment. And it should be clear which one to use in which clinical setting.

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