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Ultrasound Price Guide

Figuring out what an ultrasound price should be, can be quite a challenge, as the price range is incredibly broad. Some systems are priced as low as 5.000 euros or less, while the newest, high-tier systems may cost as much as 200.000 euros. The upside to this is that...

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Medical Imaging Equipment – Used, Refurbished, or OEM Refurbished?

In the market of used medical equipment, the terminology may not always be clear. Here we said “used”, but you might also see the terms: “pre-owned”, “refurbished”, and “OEM refurbished”. Some of the terms are used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing....

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What are the Best Medical Exhibitions to Attend?

If you are working in the field, do not underestimate the value medical exhibitions can bring. We like them for several reasons: You will have a great opportunity to show your products to future customers It is a unique opportunity to gain trust from future buyers It...

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Common Incoterms in the Medical Device Industry

What are the most common incoterms, when dealing with medical imaging equipment? Why do you need an incoterm? What incoterms are commonly not used, when dealing with expensive medical devices? If you have these questions, we hope this article will suit you well. What...

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Availability, Price, Knowledge and Trust!

In the video below, the previous sales director of LBN Medical, Peter Moldrup, shared some insights about LBN Medical. We like to operate by four key parameters: Availability, Price, Knowledge and Trust. What do these parameters stand for, how does LBN Medical handle...

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Parts for Imaging Equipment- FAQ

At LBN Medical we can serve you with  parts for imaging equipment, including a range of machines, brands and modalities. In the video, our parts specialist, Eva Mortensen, answers some of the common questions from our buyers, such as:  How fast can we have the part?...

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LBN Medical at Medica Tradefair 2015

In the just ended week, we have been present at the Medica Tradefair 2015 in Düsseldorf, running from 16th to 19th of November. Medica is one of the biggest tradefairs in the health industry, with almost 5,000 medical exhibitors from 70 countries. Almost 80% of the...

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How to Protect Your Ultrasound Probes

Have you got broken ultrasound probes and do you want to fix them, or to make sure that it will not happen again? Transducers for ultrasound machines are without a doubt, a vital part of a fully functional ultrasound unit. In the following post, we will map common...

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